Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My New Blog

Well after a few weeks of procrastinating i finally came to the conclusion that i prefer blogging from blogspot, its just so much easier to use. I have tried various design thingeys with typepad & just can't figure it out at all, its to do with htmls & i haven't a clue, what can i say computers are not my forte.
Maybe i should take a course of some kind...........

Anyway here i am back at blogger, i've kept the blog title as similar to my previous blog as possible as unfortunately i can't repair the feed on 4 Lil girls so 'My 4 Lil girls' it is!!!!!!!

Just to start off  I wanted to give you an update of my new blanket started here Weekend Bliss.........doing quite nicely, i like it more & more with every square, in fact i'm squeeling with delight at the thrill i'm feeling hookin up this one

I'm loving the roses, its my first time you know....................making crochet roses, & they sure are pretty!!!

Oh boy i haven't been quite this enthusiastic about a blanket before........ I am most definitely keeping it this time!  Almost time to sit my toosh down & hook out some more loveliness.
                                  Almost time to light some candles

                                         And in the hallway

So off to make some hot chocolate, put on some cosy socks (my feet are freezing), light the candles & lamps, do a wee bit of new book browsing (will show it to you next time) & crochet my wee heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do leave a comment if you find me here, so i'll know you have, have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxx


  1. Hi Karen, I did almost the exact same thing last year but couldn't quite adjust to never felt like home, so I went back to blogspot. I will update my side bar with the new feed. btw...your new project looks beautiful. Patty

  2. I'm following you wherever you go :)

  3. Welcome back to blogspot Karen, love the roses in the new blanket. Big hugs, Margie.

  4. Hi, Welcome back Karen. Hope Blogger works this time! Mine is still variable. xx

  5. Glad you're back on blogspot! I'll know when you've done a new post now! Loving the blanket - especially those lovely crochet roses!!
    Maria x

  6. Hi Karen - found you! Love the idea of putting roses on the blanket - so pretty!
    Jane x

  7. Hello lovely, I know what you mean about html's etc. Why can't things be easier, never mind here we are still with you.
    Love your blanket and your roses, it's going to be gorgeous when finished.
    x Sandi

  8. You are such a clever crafty lady, Karen. I love your new blanket and the sweet roses. I'm happy to find you over here on your new old blog! (Though yesterday I put a link to your other one on my blog when I showed your gorgeous giveaway, I will put your new one on another time!)
    Have a very happy day. Helen x

  9. Hi Karen!
    Welcome back to blogger!! I updated my bloglist so people can find your lovely blog!!
    Love the new blanket, especially those roses SIGH!!!
    Happy crocheting!

  10. hello there, I followed the trail from old blogger-blog to new other-blog and then on to this newest-blogger-bloggity-blog and will now add you from here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new patchwork blanket :) it's perfect blanket hooking weather at this time of year isnt it? My blanket-in-progress is keeping me nice and warm as I go :)

  11. I'm loving the look of your new blanket, no wonder you're so enthusiastic about it.

  12. Hi Karen, I found you quite easily, have no fear we will all follow you! Loving your blanket and new blog pictures❤
    Tootles, xoRobin❤

  13. Found you, hon!
    After winning your gorgeous giveaway, am now hosting my own.
    Do pop over and enter!!
    Nearly the weekend...

  14. I ve found you Karen,lovely new blog,welcome back to blogger!Hope you have a lovely weekend,juliexxx

  15. Hi Karen! I am here now :)
    I love your lastest project. Those roses really make an impact dont they? Have a great weekend.
    Love Mandy x

  16. Hurray!...I have found you Karen...I have been trying to solve this mystery for quite a while...Ooh, your crochet is so pretty...I love it!...and now I must go and change you on my blogroll....
    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your girls,
    Susan x

  17. Love your crocheted granny rug - the flowers add some lovely texture/dimension.

  18. Yay - glad to have you back in my blogger dashboard hon!! Your blanket is looking absolutely stunning. Take care and have a fab weekend. Leah x

  19. I really like the set up of blogspot compared to some of the other sites. Love the blanket, You do really beautiful work Karen..
    Take care

  20. Hi again Karen
    Just wanted to say how much i like your header pictures! Are those pocket tissue covers i spy? They are lovely! can you recommend a good tutorial for them or are they your own design? Mandy x