Thursday, 31 May 2012

Roman Holiday

You know I do think Rome has to be one of the most beautiful cities
in the world, or maybe I just need to see more!!!!!
What ever your opinion on this one Rome is very beautiful.

Apart from all the amazing touristy places that I have an abundance of pics to show you,
the city streets themselves are quite something to see.
I don't think I've ever been in a place where there is beauty around each & ever corner.
The colors, the age, the oldness & newness, the buildings & lil cafes....just a wonderful feast for the eyes
& your senses.

I've got to get me one of these, not in Rome though, I'd be terrified...crazy drivers!!!!
Third one in I think, shiney crimson red...oh yeah.

This was my first sight of Rome three years ago, I came out of the train station to see this in all
 its glory in front of me, breath taking, a photograph simply cannot do it justice
Remember Gladiator........"You should see the Colosseum Spaniard, 100,000 Romans"
Well I was blown away,  being there where so many were sent to their deaths was a strange 
feeling...... fascinating too!!!!
But the sheer size of it...........Oh my!!!!!

The Arch of Constantine

Trevi Fountain one of my fav places in the city

The Pantheon, I believe it is the oldest building in Rome, please correct me if I'm wrong

Amazing domed ceiling, I could have spent hours in here Then outside 
sat & drank cappuccino at one of the many very Italian cafes.

Bliss.....I really loved just walking in this city, so 
full of rich history.

Will show you some more tomorrow, don't want to overkill on
one post!!!
Do we look happy????

Have to say though I'm glad to be home, have missed my hook & sewing machine & can't wait to 
start into a few new projects.
Have to catch up with all your lovely blogs too, have missed all the beautiful 
inspiration you all bring.
See you tomorrow with some pics of Ostia
Have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

For the shop or not!!!!

A quick drop in this evening to show you my new bag.
I'm desperately trying to use up a mountain of good size scraps, 
just the excuse I need to give myself a push to stock up my Etsy shop

Hope the pics are clear, the light is a disaster at the moment.

Some nice hardware, curtesy of some old bags 

What cha think would the cute butterfly look good????
I made it for my holiday to Rome TOMORROW yeah!!!!!!!
But now I think I'll sell it instead, have a mountain of bags already, def do not need
another, so I'll sell !!!!!

Also this week we had a birthday in the house, Ella turned 9.
Oh my don't you sometimes wish you could keep them small forever.....
Still its a delight to see her grow & change & get prettier.
It was a lovely day

We took her & her wee friends out for pizza & then back home for 

Yummy brownie cake with buttercream & chocolate eggs yum!!!!

Birthday girl loved it, so did I.....

A lot.......
Any hoo this is gonna be a short post, more pics than chat, I'm still packing
for tomorrow, we are off to Italy for 10 days....Bliss :)
Lots of relaxation, eating, sight seeing, swimming.........& lots of fun
See you all in two weeks
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Baby Quilt Pressie

Its finished & ready to be wrapped around a pretty baby girl.

Cozy flannel spots to keep her warm

And stripes to bring color to her eyes

A wee bit more pink.......its a girl after all!!!!!

Hope Momma likes it 

A joy to make
Lots of love Karen x

Monday, 7 May 2012

Back to my Blog

At last a chance to sew interesting stuff, to browse all your lovely blogs 
& even leave some comments & a post.
My poor neglected blog, its been ages, I've missed it!!!!!!
Really..............I love to blog, its relaxing, fun, sociable & keeps my wee brain
But seriously I've had such a busy two weeks, that big blind order came in
so I've sewed & sewed & eaten & get the picture eh!
Today however I got to sew yummy things....not yukky things :)
Ella's dress got finished, remember the one I was supposed to enter in a competition
three weeks ago.

It's turned out so cute, well Ella thinks so.....goodness I'm making so many spelling mistakes, 
I might be here all evening trying to type this, & I'm slow anyway so please brain get it together.

Really like this, using patchwork blocks in clothes, adds a lil something,
 don't you think???
Will get a pic of her wearing it tomorrow, when the sun comes out...did I say that
or just wishfully think it.....its May not november...are you listening up there?
Also have been working on a baby quilt for a friend at church who gave birth to one 
incredibly beautiful baby girl last week. 
I'm trying to use what I have so its a scrappy type quilt top

I love the colors, girly without an overkill on pink

I think I may do applique in the sashing, not sure yet, thinking, thinking....

This is the backing fabric, its a soft flannel polka dot, real sweet. 
I've had it for an age & this is the perfect use for it.
Might even have a bit left for some small pj's for her!!!!!
Oh that'd be so cute really mini pj's.......
Also.....while swooning fabric.
Fabric excites me big I need to get a life??????
Thing is I know it has the same effect on lots of you guys, so I'm 
in good company.

Lecien, never bought lecien fabrics before.....WHY NOT......they are so 
so stunning. Oh my goodness the colors are vivid, bright & just to die for.
These are destined for Ella's room, it needs a total makeover, paint, curtains & 
most important a new quilt.
Also couldn't resist these

I mean......who can,
 vintage modern by Bonnie & Camille
Way too lovely, will be looking for inspiration for these!!!!
Soooooo thats me done for this evening, writers cramp!
All this typing is killing me.......hee hee
I just want to get to my hook & do some grannying
Have a sweet evening y'all 

Lots of love Karen x