Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 in Color

Can't believe it, only two more days to go......!!!!
You know I think the years are just flying by, so i'm gonna treasure every single moment of the ones ahead.
My three eldest daughters are young women now, seems like yesterday when they were little, playing with Barbies & looking to go to the beach in the summer. 
Now I have three very special friends to spend sweet time with, so i'll treasure it.
Ella's eight, wow where did my lil baby go, still here & just as sweet as ever.

My blog has been such a joy this year, i've loved been part of the whole blogging community,
meeting new & special friend, being sooo inspired & blessed by you all.
Here's a year of crafts i've done this it really adds up
Just think we have a whole new year to create & love & live & be happy in what we do!!!!!

Have a wonderful new year, be blessed
Lots of love Karen x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

A quick pop by

Hi there all my sweet blogging friends, its been weeks since my last post & i've really been missing you guys.
We had a great Christmas , full of love, friendship, fellowship & of course wayyyyy
too much nice food. Mind you I did behave & not gluttonize myself, can't say the same for all the family though.
I spent the 23rd & 24th baking, fully expecting the goodies to last allllllllllllllllllllll Christmas.....pah!!!!
No such luck, it was all gone by Christmas night........
Here's a wee taste of some sweet goodies we downed....much to my horror, but in our defence we did have one or two visitors pop by & indulge as well (throw some boxes of chocies in too)

Christmas day was lovely, turkey turned out yum & the ham was to die for , lots of sweet gifts, friends & family, what more could you ask for.
We had the most amazing Christmas morning service at church, could have stayed all day, such a blessing.
St Stevens day was spent at Laurens apartment & that was just so lovely, we decided to make it a yearly tradition

I love family, so by far the best thing in my life as well as the Lord, I am blessed :D

Before i go i wanted to share this hilarious video my girls showed me from you tube....tune in & have a giggle

Have a great evening
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Cross Stitch Tah Dahhhhhhhh!!!!!

My very first proper stitched picture......scene.......whatever its called......I am so chuffed
that i actually finished something that requires  stickability....!!!!!!!
What do you think

I bought the frame in Tesco for eight euro & its just right for it. I proudly positioned the pic on 
my hallway table, in the hopes every visitor will see it & say "oh myyyyyy Karen, did you actually make!!!" 
Don't mind me, what a noodle eh!!!!!
I do like it though & will def stitch again, found it so easy & relaxing

Wanted to share a few lil christmas hearts also.......

Will make lots more of these as simple gifts for friends, just sweet & simple!!!
Well do have a great evening, thank you so much for all the nice comments,will def reply v soon

Lots of love & millions of hugs & kisses Karen x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Loving the run up

I am soooooooo loving the run up & preparation to Christmas this year!!!
I think its because i'm not working round the clock with sewing blinds & curtains for the first time in 
about ten years. Of course it means less money, but that seems very unimportant as i'm just loving having the time to MAKE pressies for loved ones, so i guess it all evens out in that way.
Put up the tree & decorations at the weekend, oh boy did Ella enjoy that....she's become quite 
the expert at it over the last few Christmas's

Its a special day, decorating the house for Christmas, we had a lovely family time, listening to carols & later watching movies & stuffing our faces with chocolate treats & cookies & cream icecream.....

I've had these ornaments for years & never tire of them, each was a pressie from different friends!!

We put candles & wreaths around the house, it looks a treat.... photographs never truly seem 
to capture the atmosphere but its sooooo sweet!!

Love my seasonal cushions, so simple but just right for now!!!
You know I'm sure i haven't finished yet, needs some more twinkly lights & candy canes :D
Will share as i add......oh i am in happy form with all this christmasy cuteness.

Also over the last week I've finished a stitching project that i began maybe eight or 
nine years ago. I did a little bit then & forgot all about it, but then rooted it out two weeks ago & just had this mad urge to finish it
Here's a peek, i finished it today, so need to frame it

Sorry bout the blurry pics.............this is the first cross stitch picture I've done & loved it.
As I've said so many times i have zero patience, so was reluctant to stitch as it is a craft i think requires a not so impatient crafter such as me............but hey i got there & lo & behold enjoyed it quite a fact I'm desperate to do another.
Will post a proper image when its framed, just in time for to hang for the festivities!!!

Oh before i go i have to show you my Christmas tea cups & saucers

They're just well cute, got them on sale after Christmas two years ago...BARGAIN
I hate paying full price, can't afford to anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And my first mince pies this years....way too yum.........

served with whipped cream flavoured with a touch of Tia Maria......SWEET!!!!
Did I say "I LOVE CHRISTMAS"......oh i did.... ah well I'll say it again anyway
Toodles for now :D
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Decoration Swap!!!!!

Hi there, can't believe its been almost two weeks since my last post, I guess time kinda runs away
from you at this time of year!!!!!
I received my lovely Christmas decoration swap pressies last week, i was trying 
to hold off until mine had reached its destination but i was a bit slow on having it ready, so here goes mine!!
My swap partner is a sweet lady from Wales called Julie, if you're not familiar with her blog, do go check it out, i promise you'll absolutely love it.........A Tale From a Toadstool House.
Sooo here's what i received, goosebumps while opening up the parcel.........

Beautiful Christmassy wrapping, just the way i love it, thank you Julie for the extra effort in the pretty packaging, its real special :D

Such an array of beautiful gifts, every new unwrapping was just way too nice......
I received a sweet lavender heart in festive colors, its now in a place of prominance in my living you in a sec........
Really pretty bracelet in one of my fav colors... lavender :D
A cupcake diary that Ella has been begging for since she saw it (no way, i draw the line), the cutest Cath Kidson needle book & a seasonal cross stitch which i'm si thrilled with as i've been stitching a wee bit of late.
Also two Yankee candles in my all time fav scents (thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx)
Cute crochet tree decoration, beautiful, & the main attraction the sweetest patchwork tree ever....its got lil bells on it, so every time i open my hall door they tinkle tee hee, i love it!!!

Julie also include this lil merry christmas sign, ain't it adorable & an advent card which by the way Julie i look forward to opening each day, every wee flap has a scripture behind it, a true blessing Xxxx
By the way before i forget there was a bar of chocolate also, but i ate that while opening
the other gifts.....I know no self control heh heh!!!

The heart on my living room table, its just my kinda thing, looks real nice with the stitched picture.
Julie i'm so happy with my lovely gifts, you're the best Xx

This week i've started my decorating, at last......

This is as far as it goes so far.....what do you think of my sugar bowl & milk jug... cute eh!!!
Bargain at three euro, had to have them!!!!

A bargain Christmas plate & one of a few cushions that are coming from my sewing machine on the run up to the big day....lots more to come this week...when i'm finished painting my doors!!
Tree will go up within the next few days in between cookie baking....

She's a great cookie baker, specially in her new apron... which by the way i have to reproduce for her fav doll...matching mommy makes!!!
Now i'm absolutely dying for another cookie with some hot choc, so i'll bid you Adieau!!! (is that the correct spelling?)
Hope you all have a sweet evening, do leave a comment if you drop by, i love reading each one
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bags, blankets & baubles....????

Finally i'm feeling more like my old self again & boy does it feel good!!!! Have been crafting to my hearts content & loving every single moment.
I love crafting for Christmas more than any other time of the year & i have at last almost 
completed my goodies for the swap

Lots more to do before house decorating next week, this is just a very, very discreet peek!!!
Also the bag production is starting to move forward....

Another tweedy in the works & one pretty butterfly bag......

It will go in the shop, although it does co ordinate with my lampshade..... don't think i can wear a lampshade with it though so i'll go ahead & sell  :D 
Been moving with my Ruby fabric at last, not sure if i'll be making cushions or a quilt
I think it'll be a quilt probably for Lauren, as she needs a double bed quilt now to replace the single one I made a few years back

Whatever i decide it can only be real pretty with that fabric, i do so adore it!!!

Ripple is doing good & growing at a nice steady rate, hope to finish well before Christmas.

It'll do well on my bed or just as a throw on my sweet wicker chair.
Do love these colors....

I think I'm about halfway now, must stock up on some yarn to finish!!!

Also just want to wish my American friends a very blessed thanksgiving, hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!!
I'm off to join Ella & Bethany, they're enjoying the Waltons at the mo & i have to say its one of my all time favorite tv series......some hot chocolate first though :D :D :D
Have a sweet evening Lots of Love 
Karen xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lighting up.......................

Just a real fast Tah Dahhhhhhhhhh post today......
I finished my kitchen lamp & am thrilled with the result. The lamp cost me E2.50, some fabric & ric rac from my stash & a little time & vision!!!
What do you improvement????????

I do love it, very sweet in my extremely compact lil space, look forward to
seeing it lit up in the evening & throwing some atmosphere into the room.

Made me realize something though.......My kitchen walls badly need
a lick of paint :D
But not today.........................
I really am chuffed with this light & i can pull it right over the table...Cool!!!!

Have a lovely evening, stay blessed....
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Got to pick up the pace!!!!!!

Hi there its been a while....I've got to admit i've done sooooo little over the past two weeks.
I think maybe i overdid things a wee bit after  my op & just had to slow down, not something i relish, i do like to keep going, keep busy, create, make stuff & things & have lots to do.......blah, blah ..........!!!!
You know what i mean...............don't you??????????????
So i really don't have much to show for the last two weeks :(

I did find a lil treasure in our thrift shop though. I've been wanting a lamp for my kitchen for some time now, but had a wee space problem out there, no where to put one. Then i spotted this....

Yeah great right!!!!
First things first, a coat of white paint, i've done one, it eagerly awaits the second.
Off with that brown covering on the shade, pick a pretty color & viola

Thats it so far.....the best thing though is its a wall mounted lamp that can be pulled in or out over my little kitchen table, where i intend to fix it once its finished.
Will post a pic when its done.
Can't believe what fresh paint & cute fabric does to an otherwise discarded old treasure!!
Will love the atmosphere it 'll create as i'm not a big lover of bright overhead lights.

Have been doing a small amount of crafting....some christmas decorations, nothing to write home about but an attempt nonetheless!!!!! Have a peek.....

I am part of a christmas decoration swap with Julie at A Tale From a Toadstool House & i'd really want to get my 'you know what' in gear.
Tomorrow :D
Right now its time for ...............


And a lot of blog browsing for an hour or maybe even two :D
Toodles for now
Have a very sweet evening
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 11 November 2011

One tweedy patchy bag....!!

Just thought I'd pop in real quick, before i go over to our Friday morning thrift shop. Made up my first etsy bag yesterday & am dying to show it to you.....................

Here's the work in progress, have to say the fabric is so much harder to work with than cottons.
Also my lovely Pfaff sewing machine is in for a service, its a fab machine, semi industrial & sews over absolutely anything, so i was using my back up, which is so much lighter & slower. 
But hey!!!!
We got there in the end :D

I love how the fabric made up, what an absolute blessing to have found it. I tell you I'll be scouring thrift shops for more!!!!
I'll make up two or three more, then open the shop, soooooo excited!!!

Well better dash........ hope you all have a sweet day & a restful weekend
Lots of love Karen Xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Future Mince Pies....!!!

I do believe one of my favourites nibbles during the Chistmas period has to be a real good mince pie, warm, not cold with some vanilla flavored whipped cream on the side..................who i am kidding, lots of cream all over the pie :D
Yesterday I made up my Christmas mince, oh the smells of fruit & spices & brandy all mixed into one Yummmmmmm!!!!!!
Here's a peek at the whole operation

I make it around this time every year & try desperately hard not to dig in before the whole mince pie eating season begins, not an easy task I'll have you know, requires a lot of fortitude from the entire family!!

But we scrape by, somehow!!!  The recipe i use is from good ol Delia Smith, always a winner with Christmas recipes. I'm sure it could be found online, fortunately for me one of my sweet daughters bought this book for me two years ago & it is def a treasure.
Also did a bit of scone baking, to complement some plum jelly i threw together last week, actually i'm a bit afraid to step on my scales at the moment as its been quite an inactive time for me, Tae bo beckons in the not too distant future!!!!!!
Back to the scones, they sure was goooooooood heh heh!!!

Washed down of course with multiple coffees.
I absolutely have to give you the recipe for these scones. It is the simplest scone recipe ever & quite possibly one of the nicest i've tried, its from an old Womans Weekly mag.....

375g self raising flour
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1/4 teasp salt
30g butter
300ml low fat milk
1.  Preheat oven to 240/220 fan assisted, Grease deep square cake tin.
2. Sift flour, sugar & salt into a large bowl, rub in butter with fingertips.
3. Make weel in centre of flour mixture, add milk & mix to a sticky soft dough.
4. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface, knead quickly & lightly until smooth ( don't overdo the kneading, a v light one is all thats required )
5. roll out to 2cm tickness & cut out rounds
6. Place rounds side by side, just touching, in prepared tin, brush tops with a little milk.
7. Bake in oven for approx 15 mins ( i find 12 is enough in my oven as it tends to be a wee bit hotter)

And thats it, enjoy with real butter, jam, cream whatever you fancy

 Before I sign off for today, i want to show you this treasure i found in our church thrift shop last week. As you know i want to open an etsy shop, real soon, haven't really had the energy to do much sewing yet, but today i will be making my first bag with some of these....

Beautiful pieces of tweed fabrics, not a lot of yardage but certainly enough to do some real winter style patch work designs......coming sooooooooon!!!!!!
Aren't they delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to do one today, will post it this week with a bit of luck.

Well my crochet hooks are beckoning, ripple is growing up fast, where does the time go eh!!!
wasn't so long ago it was just a chain of stitches.
Love you guys & thanks for all your sweet comments
Karen Xx