Thursday, 29 December 2011

A quick pop by

Hi there all my sweet blogging friends, its been weeks since my last post & i've really been missing you guys.
We had a great Christmas , full of love, friendship, fellowship & of course wayyyyy
too much nice food. Mind you I did behave & not gluttonize myself, can't say the same for all the family though.
I spent the 23rd & 24th baking, fully expecting the goodies to last allllllllllllllllllllll Christmas.....pah!!!!
No such luck, it was all gone by Christmas night........
Here's a wee taste of some sweet goodies we downed....much to my horror, but in our defence we did have one or two visitors pop by & indulge as well (throw some boxes of chocies in too)

Christmas day was lovely, turkey turned out yum & the ham was to die for , lots of sweet gifts, friends & family, what more could you ask for.
We had the most amazing Christmas morning service at church, could have stayed all day, such a blessing.
St Stevens day was spent at Laurens apartment & that was just so lovely, we decided to make it a yearly tradition

I love family, so by far the best thing in my life as well as the Lord, I am blessed :D

Before i go i wanted to share this hilarious video my girls showed me from you tube....tune in & have a giggle

Have a great evening
Lots of love Karen Xxxxxxxx


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  2. Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. You have a sweet happy looking family. I'm very impressed with your baking ambition.

  3. Okay let's try this again. My first post I deleted due to whining, My whining.
    I would like to have more than one day to celebrate Christmas like St. Stevens Day. I love Christmas but since I became an adult, by the time I am all caught up and ready to celebrate it's all over. Now, I could get back up on my "soap box" but I won't do it.
    That dog has provided more than one good laugh for me and my family =D !

  4. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you and your lovely family, those goodies all look very yummy!!

  5. All your baking treats look sooo delicious! Loved all the pics, and the hilarious video too! Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy New Year!!
    Helen x