Wednesday 26 July 2017

Rainy Day Post

I love summer, I love the opportunity to soak up warm sunshine on my face. I love the days when we can picnic by the river or dip my toes in sea water at my favorite beach. I even love warm sandwiches, eaten with tea from a flask and a nice piece of leftover cake from Sunday lunch. I love watching Ella and her friends pier jump over and over again and Ezra crawl in the grass and maybe eat some daisies while he's at it. I wish the sun would shine for three whole months while school is out. 
But this is Ireland, beautiful green Ireland where we have plenty of rainy days to maintain the jewel green landscape i do so love.
So instead of moaning today and feel bugged at the rain I decided to finish a baby bag, read some of my new book (it's almost done), crochet a wee bit more on my latest mandala (pattern from Red 
Agape) a wonderful blog.......... and munch on a simple cupcake accompanied by an extra large coffee.
I'm loving mandalas at the moment, guess it's because crochet is generally slow for me, but I can hook up a mandala in a day or two if I'm not too busy. I love to see results, I love having something new to look at and show off. I love wondering where to put them, will I use them on a cushion or will I put a pretty photo frame on them. Cushions I think, I adore cushions, lots of them, sweet, colorful, soft cushions.

The rain has stopped so we might go for a walk, needing those steps, am a slouch these days. Hopefully the rain holds off, a good stretch of the legs is a must.
Wishing you all a wonderful week, praying for sunshine, loving the lazy summer holiday time despite the weather and looking forward to catching up on my fav blogs
Loads of Love Karen xxxxxx


  1. It seems to have rained here since school finished on Friday. What a pretty mandala with gentle pastels xx

  2. Here it's hot! Too hot!
    I'm Nina calling you from Oporto , north of Portugal.
    I found your blog by chance, a few days ago and I really love it. So I'm your new reader.
    I have never ever been in Ireland, but I intende to go there soon.
    Lots of hugs


  3. Beautiful makes Karen...I love your bag and the pretty mandala...enjoy those lazy summer days ♥
    Happy Tuesday,
    Susan x

  4. All the things you make are lovely Karen. Your bags are amazing and your crochet is always so pretty. Hope you are having a lovely summer with your family. Xox

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