Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Something New

Oh, but its been a busy week, what with bridal sewing & pinterest searching
(for wedding ideas) & a wee bit of hooking
along with all the usual day to day business........but its all good!!!
I thought I'd share a few new bits & bobs that are floating around my home 
at the moment.

New Ripple

In Candy colours....I love candy pastel colours

Easy going & relaxing in the evening....ripple,
cookies then ripple again.
New Cookie Plate....................

With fresh NEW cookies of course
A New Birthday, so a new age & a new year for Ella

A new cake from Sophie

Luscious Brownie cake with pink vanilla butter icing &
Loads of tasty candy coloured Smarties Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Charming message!!!

New crochet books......I'm dying to hook up a beautiful 
hexagon blanket from "Granny Squares"

A new place for walks.....I've lived in my town for twenty years & have 
only just discovered how nice "The Point" is.
Shannon is a town built around an airport & industrial estate.
It doesn't have pretty shopping streets or any
beautiful old buildings...although there are castles & manors
& abbeys nearby. 
I've never been impressed with the look of my town
But now I love this part of it.
I always just assumed this area would be unimpressive too,
I was wrong...its so lovely.
 Lots of walking for me..............

A New mirror to go with my New bargain Laura Ashley wallpaper
( six euro a roll ) Pretty!!!!!

A new dress....actually this is the first bridesmaid dress.....almost complete.
Just needs a sash & twenty mini buttons down the back.
I'm so glad the first one is done, its always the most
difficult as you're testing everything in the 
first dress. Now I've got the 
whole dress plan sorted the next three will be easier.

Four dresses in different pastels, one blue, one lilac
one pink & one yellow...this is so Lauren, think she has similar taste
to her Momma!!!

So back to the sewing machine for me.
Thanks for visiting,
Lots of Love Karen x


  1. How pretty are those bridesmaid dresses going to be. Like Mother, like daughter with the pastels!! Love it!!

  2. Hello Karen, I am fully enjoying looking about your blog. Love your pictures from this past week and the dress looks very lovely. I like the idea of having the bridesmaids in different pastel colors and your ripple is so bright and cheerful with those candy colors! I just finished a ripple but it is made out of muted tones but I am making a "circle granny" blanket and its looking much brighter and happier with the bright colors and the white to frame it.

    Have a good rest of the week.
    Birgitta xx

  3. Lovely post! Love your ripple. Great colours and that cake! Wow. I'd love a slice of that. Beautiful dress too. They will all look stunning. x

  4. It's amazing what's right under our nose that we don't know about, we found a lovely river walk nearby and we've lived here all our lives! Love the ripple :) x

  5. Such pretty colours in your new ripple, and such pretty colours in the cake! You are amazing making the dresses for your daughter's wedding, Karen! They will be beautiful!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  6. Oh that ripple looks as yummy as the cake! And the dresses are going to be beautiful Karen, you always do such a nice job.

  7. Can I have the cookie recipe? pammysue8 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I love the idea of the bridesmaids in different colours. When my mum got married 1944 they had the same thing because they just couldn't find enough material using sugar coupons, so my mum call it her Rainbow wedding. Your daughter has the same idea.