Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Thinking of......

Yes, it's a new thing for me... thinking. 
Actually, Lauren is going to make her own wedding invitations & I, as her 
"creative mother", have been called upon for help in this endeavour!!!
I'm not a dab hand at card making though & I think she WILL do a much 
better job herself.
Anywho today I tried one or two TRIAL runs... these are not too 
good but it's just the planning stage

Next one's a terrible blurry photo, but hey......

These wouldn't be the colours & papers she would use, it's just ideas
Nope I don't think sooooooooo... back to the drawing board
Can only get better, eh!

Cushion overhaul.....looks so much better & Ella loves it.
Really matches her blanket.
Think this was my first Granny Stripe in my favourite shades.

Simple back trimmed in nice blue cotton ribbon.
Actually this is a fav fabric of mine, have it years & finally 
used the last of it in this lil project....fabric designer Dena Designs.

Also as the "almost finished" wee squares blanket is on the final run, border stage
I've been thinking of my next project. Has to be another blanket 
So after feeling inspired by This Gorgeous Blanket over at Coco Rose Blogspot
I've made my mind up, it's a ripple for me.
I've done two before in colours that weren't really me
so this time it's gonna be a ripple in sweet pastels, just my taste.

Can't wait.........
Thanks for popping by, see you again soon
Karen xxxxxxxxx


  1. I just adore that pillow! How pretty! Aren't you the talented one? It looks pretty with that blanket too. Good luck with the invitations. I would NOT be able to do as well as you have. My brain doesn't work at all when it comes to things like that.

  2. Good luck with invitations it's a lovely idea, your cushion looks fabulous & I adore the fabric you used for the backing, It's very pretty.

  3. Everything looks so pretty and summery! I also love the cards! Keep up with the amazing work that you both are doing! :)

  4. Lots of pretty colours in this post! Your cushion is lovely, and you have made some sweet cards too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen xox

  5. So bright! I love bright colors! They are so live and movable. Each room and clothes I wear should be colorful and not of one color. I think that's why I joined the http://au.essay-writing-place.com/ society for the people longing for brightness. It's a psychological matter, they say.