Friday, 30 March 2012

Farmers Wife in Your Life

I did it, I got it done with 24 hours to go phew!!!!!!!
Well here's the blocks I used, six if them
Three Ohio stars & three Churn dash, quite challenging I have to say
& definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination....

So I decided to make a skirt for Ella with these wee cutie sewn in...

Front view

Back view

Ella View
She's real happy with it, will have to get a cute top to match though!!

I used a cut off pair of jeans for the top section

And finished it off with some ric rac trim, my all time favorite, goes with 
just about anything. 
I'm happy to have it done so I'm off now to submit it,
then its time to sit & enjoy Stargate the movie with Ella & her twin friends Sophia & Noah.
Wish me luck
Lots of Love 
Karen xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lazy Sunny Days

Thats right, just like the title says lazy, lazy, lazy.........
I've so much work to get done but I just couldn't resist that sun!!!!
Those of you from Ireland understand this, we get so little of it.....that when 
Mr Sun shows his sweet face, I drop everything & head for the garden.
Now to be fair to myself I did tidy up the much neglcted flower beds, planted some more seeds 
& photographed Sophie petting a snail.......

Even I was persuaded to hold the funny slimey thing

Kinda wondered could I cook him in garlic, sophie had snails in Paris recently
 & informs me that he'd be tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enough of that..............I also did a bit of this

My poor neglected blanket finally got some new squares.
Also I'm working on a creation for this 

I've done my blocks, & have stuck to the more easy ones from the farmers wife collection
have a peek

Oh my, this quilt along ends in a day & a half so I've gotta start motoring
Hope to be completed in time as I'd love to be in with a chance of one of the incredible 
prizes here.
It feels good to just enter this & participate anyway.
Need to post my finished entry tomorrow or sat morning at the latest.
Wish me luck :)
Wishing you all a lovely evening & a great weekend
Thanks for dropping by.......
Here's hoping for more nice weather
Lots of love Karen x

Thursday, 22 March 2012


I thought its about time I started filling up my Etsy shop, 
And I think some tweeds are just the thing...
Made one up today & desperately want to keep, buuuuuut I really
can't keep doing that so into the shop it goes.

I really like the fabric here, the green was actually an old skirt I got when a dear 
old friend gave me a bag full of tweedy scraps, all beautiful, all pure wool, & all going to be 
made into bags for selling.

A bit of applique & some buttons, the silver rings from an old bag destined for the recycling bank
And tah dah, it looks all brand new :)

I lined it in a lovely soft navy satin, scraps from Sophies grad/prom dress, I usually use 
quilting cotton for lining, but this is better with the wool fabric.
All in all I'm pleased with my lil effort.........hope it sells :o !!!!!!!!!!!

a few more grannies

And now its time to put the feet up, I'm totally knackered, don't know if thats just 
Irish slang, but it means I def need a rest :D

Have a sweet weekend
Thanks for popping in, Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

Oh oh oh did you see I've got one more to go to hit the 100 followers mark YAYYY!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A lot of catch up.......

It feels like an age since I've paid any attention to my blog,
truthfully I've had a lot of work on, horrible alterations to curtains & a few 
roman blinds (paid work).
I prefer my crafting stuff any day, suppose paid work has its uses eh!!!!!!
Lots of necessary uses.............!

Any hoo besides curtains & blinds I spent many an hour(blissful)
browsing your blogs :)
My hearts been drawn to quilting soooooo much at the mo, the patterns & colors out there are
incredible. Over the last few months I came across some amazing Irish quilting blogs & as a result have joined up with this great group, the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland.
My word there is an absolute treasure of talented ladies involved, I'm inspired by every single one of them,
seriously go have a peek.
Sooo I'm obsessed with quilting, up to now any quilts I've done have been basic squares, which are cute but I wanted to try some more stuff.
Ok  they're not perfect now but I'm a getting there.......

My ruby quilt has grown, I gotta wait now for some yardage to finish, so its on hold for a week.
I started something new yesterday.........some granny squares from
my "beautiful" Freshcut, fabric, oh twas hard cutting into it, yep if I cut it 
it'll be gone :(
Hey I could buy some more!!!!!
Anyway here's a wee peek at the grannys, four of em.

I'm chuffed, the squares actually line up....yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Long way to go though....
I'm gonna enjoy it, yummy fabric & colors Mmmmmm.

Made a few lil gifts for friends as well this week, I'm tellin ya I have a lot of catching up to do...:)

Simple little gifts, but sweet I think.
My crochet is way, way back on the back boiler, I think I've done something like 4 squares in a month, will have to catch up on that one too.......soon!

Tonight its "24" again, no catching up there....seriously its a bit crazy, Lauren bought us the entire set for Christmas, all eight series, plus a movie, we're into number eight, obsessed or what?????
Jacks a dude, 
No matter how hard I try I just cannot stop watching, a bit of an action junkie I guess.
Soooooo ta tah for now CTU awaits (I'm such a freak) heh heh!!!

Love you lots 
Karen xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hi there I've finally got round to picking a winner for my lil giveaway.
I know it was meant to be yesterday, but other things came up
as they tend to, so
I went & got a random generator thing from somewhere online
put it in my side bar & hey presto got a legit winner!!!!
The correct number was there before I started
writing this post, & I just KNOW it'll be clear when I'm done
SOOOOOO I can't prove to you guys who it actually was, so I'm
begging please trust me on this one it was number 18.
(Wish I wasn't so twitty at computers, which by the way i need some advice on in a mo)........
Anyway no. 18 is a real sweetie Ms. Leah from Why didn't anyone Tell Me
 Congrats my friend :)

Here's a wee reminder of the prize


Yup I know its sideways, but I'm all over the place trying to get this up :(

Here's a fun song to go with it......Enjoy

Now some help pretty do I put a button in my side bar without a HTML code.
I've joined two flickr groups & cannot find a way to put up the link buttons as there is no code, at least i cant find on. If this is not making sense dont worry, I'm kinda stumped too........HELP!!!

Anyhoo hope yawlll have a sweet evening & congrats again to Leah.
Oh yes I'm up to 93 followers yahhhh maybe 100 soon eh!!! 
Lots of love Karen

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I'm so getting obsessed with quilting these days, guess I just 
love all those color combinations.

I've started putting the Ruby pinwheels together & I love em!!! Ruby is such a stunning collection of fabrics, a pleasure to work with.
I have twenty done, five across & four down so far.
I'll need to do two more rows to get it to a decent size.

Not sure what to do then.....but I guess I'll figure it out!!!!!

Also today I thought I had walked into paradise.......I found a local quilt shop.
One that sells everything I need for my new obsession, heaven, all those fabrics, might even
join a few quilt classes, fun, fun!!!!!

Don't forget the Giveaway, you can still sign more day to go :)
Have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Done at long, long last!!!!!

Wah Heyyyyyyy.........
I finally got the finger out & finished my blue & white quilt!!!
Now I'm still very much a novice to quilting so its pretty basic, I did however try some 
fancy footwork with the quilting.

Its the biggest quilt I've done yet & oh my word I will never, ever, ever, ever again
attempt to free motion this size one again :) NEVER!!!!!!!!

Here's a few pics

Tell you what, I'm a happy chicken right now, so glad to be done on this one.
Next up is something with these beauties.....

Aren't they simply Yum, i cannot wait to start into these, one of my fav fabric collection
Freshcut by Heather Bailey.
Just recently re released, I've always loved this bunch of fabrics & just couldn't believe my luck.
Made a very basic quilt for Bethany with this collection before & also a pretty dress for Ella
so now I'm thinking another quilt made up of these granny squares i've seen on so many quilt blogs,
like this one on Blue Elephant Stitches.
Stayed tuned........!!!!!!!!

Thats my bit for the day, love to you all, have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

ps Will pick a winner for the giveaway on Wed, still time to enter x