Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A lot of catch up.......

It feels like an age since I've paid any attention to my blog,
truthfully I've had a lot of work on, horrible alterations to curtains & a few 
roman blinds (paid work).
I prefer my crafting stuff any day, suppose paid work has its uses eh!!!!!!
Lots of necessary uses.............!

Any hoo besides curtains & blinds I spent many an hour(blissful)
browsing your blogs :)
My hearts been drawn to quilting soooooo much at the mo, the patterns & colors out there are
incredible. Over the last few months I came across some amazing Irish quilting blogs & as a result have joined up with this great group, the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland.
My word there is an absolute treasure of talented ladies involved, I'm inspired by every single one of them,
seriously go have a peek.
Sooo I'm obsessed with quilting, up to now any quilts I've done have been basic squares, which are cute but I wanted to try some more stuff.
Ok  they're not perfect now but I'm a getting there.......

My ruby quilt has grown, I gotta wait now for some yardage to finish, so its on hold for a week.
I started something new yesterday.........some granny squares from
my "beautiful" Freshcut, fabric, oh twas hard cutting into it, yep if I cut it 
it'll be gone :(
Hey I could buy some more!!!!!
Anyway here's a wee peek at the grannys, four of em.

I'm chuffed, the squares actually line up....yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Long way to go though....
I'm gonna enjoy it, yummy fabric & colors Mmmmmm.

Made a few lil gifts for friends as well this week, I'm tellin ya I have a lot of catching up to do...:)

Simple little gifts, but sweet I think.
My crochet is way, way back on the back boiler, I think I've done something like 4 squares in a month, will have to catch up on that one too.......soon!

Tonight its "24" again, no catching up there....seriously its a bit crazy, Lauren bought us the entire set for Christmas, all eight series, plus a movie, we're into number eight, obsessed or what?????
Jacks a dude, 
No matter how hard I try I just cannot stop watching, a bit of an action junkie I guess.
Soooooo ta tah for now CTU awaits (I'm such a freak) heh heh!!!

Love you lots 
Karen xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Wow the squares are ace!!!! I am completely new to quilting and I have managed to make 2 little squares so I have a long way to go.......How did you make the tissue holders? I would love one them for my bag.

    Luv Jane XX

  2. Your quilt blocks and top are just beautiful!! :o)
    And I love your darling hearts and tissue holders for your friends. What lucky ladies they are to have such a sweet friend like you. ;o) I wish I knew how to make the tissue holders like yours. I have been adding them to my little etsy shop, but only know how to line the ones I created. :o)
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.
    lots of love, Trish xoxo

  3. Hi Karen! OOOH I love your Ruby quilt!!! And the Granny squares are awesome too! Have fun watching Jack. You know things are bad wheh he says D#*@ it!! xoxo Debbie

  4. Cute. cute. KAYUTE! Seriously, all of it so stinking cute. Your two new quilts are coming along amazingly. Love the fabric. You have been so busy! Enjoy the rest of your weeks. Patty

  5. You have been busy, such pretty sewing.

  6. Look at those perfect squares! To me that is quilting perfection. I love them so much - beautiful fabric. Have a fab week hon - hope you find some more time to spend on your new obsession!!

  7. Gosh I just love that ruby fabric. I never did get my hands on any! That granny square quilt block is one that I really want to try! Your squares look awesome. Happy sewing!

  8. I'm with you on the paid work, boy it stops us doing stuff doesn't it. Love that quilt, so pretty. I haven't done any patchwork yet and am in awe of all you clever folk who do, the accuracy needed is seriously scary!!! Have a great week.

  9. I just love your quilt, with it's mixtures of spring greens and turquoise along with the red it's just perfect for Spring and Summer on the horizon.

    Fleur xx

  10. Hello Karen!...Oh my goodness you have been a busy lady!
    Your quilt is beautiful....I'm currently reading The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt which Helen recommended on her blog and it's wonderful..I'm definitely going to follow your link...Love your hearts...they are so pretty!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  11. Karen....hello!!! Thank you so much for popping by and leaving me a message at Simplify!! For it has led me to your wonderful blog!!! Actually, it led me to several, and I have been having such fun browsing your wonderful activities!! I see you from Ireland! Oh how I would love to go see Ireland one day! You have a beautiful family. We share many interests!! That Ruby line of fabric is lovely. I have used it as well. And your Mom's quilt...ah..beauty!!! Your crochet is gorgeous too!! Such pretties here. Not to mention, your beautiful girls!!! I shall be following, and I shall be back, and soon!!!
    XO Kris