Friday, 30 March 2012

Farmers Wife in Your Life

I did it, I got it done with 24 hours to go phew!!!!!!!
Well here's the blocks I used, six if them
Three Ohio stars & three Churn dash, quite challenging I have to say
& definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination....

So I decided to make a skirt for Ella with these wee cutie sewn in...

Front view

Back view

Ella View
She's real happy with it, will have to get a cute top to match though!!

I used a cut off pair of jeans for the top section

And finished it off with some ric rac trim, my all time favorite, goes with 
just about anything. 
I'm happy to have it done so I'm off now to submit it,
then its time to sit & enjoy Stargate the movie with Ella & her twin friends Sophia & Noah.
Wish me luck
Lots of Love 
Karen xxxxxxxxxx


  1. The skirt is adorable!


  2. This skirt is just too cute. I love it! Very original project!

  3. How cute!!!! My granddaughter would love this! Ric rac finishes everything off with that special touch of sweetness! Hugs!!

  4. The skirt really looks so beautiful! Have a sunny weekend. Nicole xxx

  5. Cuteness!!!! How sweet is that?? Enjoy your movie watching and have a great weekend! xoxo Debbie

  6. Adorable! She must love it. The colours couldn't be more girly and the patchwork (nearly as you say!) perfect! :)

  7. I love the colors that you choose...beautiful skirt!!

  8. Very cute. I bet she loves it! xx

  9. Hi mom
    i just love the skirt u made me its so lovely
    I can't wait to wear it tomorrow
    Ella xxxxxx

  10. I love this! And so does Ella by her wonderful comment!

  11. Just a super job and fun project!

  12. Love those FW blocks, and the material is so pretty. Great idea using the jeans - so cute!!

  13. Your blocks are beautiful Karen and such lovely Spring colours too...Ella looks so pretty in her new skirt!!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  14. Oh my goodness - I want one just like it! You clever girl - it's amazing. What a lucky girl she is. I love the ric rac - it finishes it off perfectly (and reminds me of my dresses when I was little).

    Have a fabulous wee hon,

  15. Great work Karen, you must have gone into warp factor to get all that done! Worth it though, that quilt is gorgeous and the skirt is absolutely adorable anything with ric rac is a winner in my book!

  16. I am so in love with this. The Ruby and the rickrack and everything just make it perfect! Great job!

  17. Lovely's got me thinking about what I could do with a my daughter's denim skirt that still fits her round the waist but is too short.....thanks for the inspiration!

    Fleur xx

  18. Lovely to have found you again karen,I see youre still creating gorgeous thing's.
    That skirt is sooo pretty...and just to let you know my pay it forward bag that you sent me is going strong and I still love it
    XX Manda XX

  19. Amazing skirt! What a clever idea! I'm also really happy to have found you again! Have a lovely Easter!

  20. You are one of the Honorable Mentions for the contest! I'm putting together a special prize pack for you! I need your info!

  21. Oh, my! This is my very FAVORITE!! Congrats on the Honorable Mention. I MUST make one of these for my 5-year-old granddaughter. I think she would love it!