Friday, 13 April 2012

I know I've been lazy bout my blog!!!!!!

I think it's because of the Easter holidays though, so I have an excuse.
Seriously though I just spent the last two weeks chillin at home with the girls.
 I admit to being ultra lazy & slothful & I don't really care heh heh!!!!
It was a sweet break.
I did do a little bit of crafting, not a lot, but a wee bit, so at least I
have something to show for myself.
A few more grannies, patchwork ones, not the cute crochet type

One of these days they will magically become a quilt, soon, I promise.

I'm determined to do lots of work this week, really I am!!!!!!

A lil project with this beauty

Picked it up for E1.50 in the church thrift shop, cute eh!!!!!
Here's the after......

Amazing what a lick of paint can do & number two......

Forgot to take a before of this one, needless to say I def prefer both of them now!!!

The highlight of our hols was Laurens birthday.
We all went for afternoon tea at the prettiest tea rooms in a village not far from us in Quin

Had a yummy lunch

And some fun time together


Another sweetie.....couldn't get one of way she would not have it!!!!

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXX
Have a great weekend
See you soon
Lots of love Karen x


  1. Hello Karen..Lovely to see your pics clearly had such a lovely Easter break with your family...Love your latest quilt blocks too...they will make such a pretty quilt...
    your thrift shop finds look fab after your clever transformations and I would so love to visit that pretty tearoom for lunch!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  2. I was wondering where you were off to. I hope you enjoyed your time away. Your granny squares are so pretty, I can't wait to see them all come together. Have a great weekend. Patty

  3. Hey - welcome back! Your quilt blocks are coming along well. Can't wait to see the finished project! I love High Tea. I wish it was still our custom in our busy world. More people could use the relaxation!

  4. Greetings from a very windy, and rainy California, USA. I love your lamp you picked up at the thrift! Love your blocks. And loved your previous post on your projects too.
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. Hi Karen, I was wondering what you were up to, I so know about the lazy blogging, I will put my hand up, oh which reminds me I need to go and take a couple of photo's of mums finished blanket, I am giving it to her tomorrow. Love your patchwork, it will look amazing when you put it all together......and your lamp shades are gorgeous, I love them both.
    xox Sandi

  6. Hi Karen, I love your patchwork blocks, I wish I could do it but I don't think I have the patience. I love your lamp revamps too! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Love Katie x

  7. Sometimes we all need a bit of down time with family or loved ones... sounds like you have had a lovely chilled Easter holiday so far! Those patchwork blocks are so pretty, looking forward to seeing them made up into quilt form! Great lamp makeovers too, I wouldn't know where to start with such a project but they look fab! Have a nice rest of your weekend, Jenny x

  8. Great patchwork, great lamp, great lunch....
    Have a great week-end.

  9. Hi Karen,love the lamps,what a great makeover.The quilting is gorgeous.
    Lovely day out and a belated happy birthday to your daughter,Lauren.What a lovely afternoon tea,looks yummy!
    Take care,love juliexoxoxo

  10. your blocks are gorgeous as are the lamps : )

  11. Yep! Slothful. That's me. I accomplish so much on the weekends. But during the week, forget about it! It's great sometimes just to hang out and be, not always doing. A birthday tea sounds delightful. Hope your day is wonderful. Tammy

  12. Sounds like the perfect relaxing holiday to me! Gorgeous quilt and fab lamp makeover!

  13. How lovely - great photos - thanks for sharing!

  14. Ditto! School holidays here and anything to do with blogs has been ignored for too long. Kind of nice in a way though! What a lovely post - your lamps are amazing, the gorgeous tea treats are making me hungry and your quilt squares are as always, stunning!!

    Have to tell you too that I repainted my spare room yesterday, bought a new duvet cover and your beautiful, beautiful cushion is now pride of place on the bed. It look fantastic! I had always intended for it to go either on the bed or on a chair, so it was adorable to hear my husband yesterday suggesting we should put it on the bed because he loved it so much!!! Owwwww. Once my new curtains arrive I will make sure I send you a piccie. Couldn't do it now with the blimmin' horrid ones hanging in there at the moment!!! Ick.

    Have a fabulous week hon.

  15. That sounds like a lovely relaxing break! Your quilt block grannies are looking gorgeous and so are your lamp make overs
    Have a great week.
    Helen x.