Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scrappy Mats

Much to my joy my big roman blind order hasn't arrived yet
so I did a wee bit of "enjoy" sewing today.
There's not much else to do really, its been raining almost 
non stop & I do like to be busy at something.
So I started on these

I've been craving pretty table mats for a while so out with the scrap bag 
& off we go. Strips & strips of girly pink, I do love pink I have to say, not on me mind you,
(maybe once or twice a year), but YES to pretty household thingy's in pink.

Needed a total contrast on the back, as my ever so sweet girls have had enough of pink, 
so being the ever so nice momma that I am I did the back in green which I do happen to 
love also, with 'OH YES' cute lil pink flowers heh heh!!!!!!

Three done, three to go ohhhhh can't wait to set my table with them, will feel 
so cute sitting down to dinner.
Also have been motoring on with my lovely wee granny,
she a sweet ol gal, gives me lots of joy & contentment,
 how does crochet do that??????
 That feel good factor never fails to show up when 
I sit down in the evening with hook in hand &
lovely soft warm yarn all round me!!!!

Yes the colors are so much clearer in this photo, ohhhhh I do love this lil dear.
The colors are so cheery.

This is most definitely a keeper. Am anxious to finish it......giant 
grannies are great that way, quick & easy!
However I have to go buy some "pink" for it tomorrow so can't get on with it 
this evening, ah well, I do have another blanket on the go
so its an evening of crochet & Larkrise to Candleford (have just got to watch it again)
You know its such a shame they don't make more shows like that.
Downton was great, but for me just not as good.
Found season two wayyyy too "soapy" & cheesey, especially
the last few episodes.
Hope I don't offend, I did like Downton.
must get the Christmas one, an essential part of the story I heard.
So Larkrise it is tonight!!!!

So my sweet friends, hope you all have a wonderful evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx


  1. So much prettiness, both the placemats (love the quilting) and the granny. I can never seem to finish enough granny squares to make a guilt so maybe I should just make one big granny? Did you follow a pattern or just figure it out as you go?

  2. Love the pretty mats! And I love the way you quilted them too. We watched and loved Downton. I would love to hear more about the other one you mention. Can it be found in US?

  3. The lovely lovely cheery colours. The placemaTs are pretty too xx

  4. Such pretty table mats! And that granny is lovely!
    Maria x
    (Oh, I've got a giveaway on at the moment!)

  5. Absolutely loooved Downton and yes you do need to see the Christmas special! Love your handiwork.I too find crocheting so relaxing and calming....nothing like coming home from a stressful day and winding down with wool and hook.

  6. Love your scrappy mats, they are so pretty! And your crochet colours are gorgeous....that blanket is coming along so fast and looks fun to make.
    Helen x

  7. All your colours are gorgeous and the mats are great ... bound to make the odd cake you eat on them all the tastier. I haven't tried a giant granny square yet, but this certainly makes me want to try!

  8. Love your pink place mats, they turned out so pretty! And your granny is just beautiful!

  9. Amazing place mats- they look so cheery!
    As does that gorgeous granny! Very lovely colours- you are clever!
    Enjoy your week.

  10. I do like the angled quilting pattern on the strip place mats. It gives then a cute quirky feel that really goes with the color pallet.

  11. Oh hon, your placemats are gorgeous! And then I spotted your amazing granny blanket. It's absolutely stunning!!!!!! The colours are beautiful. I'm so glad it's a keeper - it would be pretty hard to giveaway.

    I'm off to a fabulous new craft store tomorrow which could prove to be very dangerous on my bank account! As far as I can make out, it's a place you can sit and craft as well as buy things - sounds perfect to me. Can't wait. I've got an urge to buy ric rac in every colour possible.

    Have a fab week hon.

  12. Those scrappy mats look wonderful, really pretty and will make such a difference to your dinner times! I LOVE your giant granny too, very CK, it's really coming along great... hope you got some more pink so you can keep going with it! Jenny xx

  13. Your mats are really pretty Karen and I love the pink and green combo...Your crochet blanket is looking wonderful and cheery too..lovely!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  14. Great mats Karen, I find it soul satisfying to use something home made.
    The giant granny is striking, those colours are fab. I am looking forward to getting the hook out again. big hugs, Margie

  15. Love your table mats. I am such a sucker for girly pink flowery stuff. Your granny colors are great, makes me want to get the hook out.

  16. What lovely Crochet I am really envious, I do lots of sewing but can not grasp crochet
    I love pink too!

    Have a lovely week


  17. I'm a little late in commenting but want you to know that I love these projects. Someday, I'd like to crochet something besides small granny squares...as much as I love them. And your mats are so pretty! I really enjoy shows like Larkrise and Downton. It's the best tv has to offer!