Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Trying out a wee design!!!!!!

I absolutely let my lovely pegbag go
to rack & ruin, a whole winter in the rain
& you can just imagine how its faring :(
Soggy, smelly, mouldy, pretty yuk actually soooooo
I made a new one. I think its original, I hope so....wouldn't 
like to think I've ripped off a design from someone else.
Anyway this is the first try

I'm imagining a whole range of dress type, skirts, jackets maybe even trousers as
cute pegbags. Will have to tweak the design a bit here & there
but all in all I think its kinda cute......

Will be trying out a few over the next few days & posting them so let me know what 
you think.
Well have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xx 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Monday

More cushions for my new Etsy shop...........did you see it???????
I am so thrilled I finally got round to getting it up & running cause I do tend 
to procrastinate a LOT!!!!!!
But I did it, by george I did it :D!!!
Today though back into the swing of things after a lazy, lovely, delicious, sweet weekend.
Some cushion loveliness.........

Three quilted sweeties



And the green from the previous post.
I'm happy & satisfied after a days work........feeling ready now to sit on my rear, eat some
chocolate, watch something good on the box with my feet up of course
& hook up a wee bit more of one of those cute flower cushions........
its in pink & white, don't know how long its gonna take but hey!!!!!
there's no rush.
Also I've got this really cool idea all drawn up for a sweet new peg bag
as I left my old one outside all winter.....into the bin with it :(
Soooo I'll be able to post that tomorrow....hopefully.

Anyhoo hope you all have a lovely evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Touched by Worship

Sang this beautiful old hymn at church this morning, was so touched all day
& wanted to share it


One of the most amazing hymns ever 
Be Blessed Karen x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cushions on my craft table.......

I had bought so many different charm packs over the last few months
that i thought I'd better get some use from them.
Another quilt was way too much right now as i need to quilt this one first

So a few cushions are the ideal project.
The fabric is "Sophie" by Moda
This is the green colourway

Its quilted & trimmed with ric rac, which by the way is in my humble opinion 
one of the most versatile & definitely cutest trims ever invented.....
There's two more on the way blue colourway & pink, really like these fabrics
bright & catchy. Think I'll use the second pack for some colourful bags!!!

Enjoy your evening 
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ella's Poncho Tah Dahhhhhhh!!!!!

I loved making this...a sweet poncho for my sweet 
girl & she sure is pleased with herself.
For weeks she's been begging me to move her bedroom around. I've been reluctant as its quite a small room & hard to fit furniture in differant lay outs
but i gave it a go & it worked out just honky dory!!

So when my wee girlie got home from school she had a double surprise, new bedroom & new poncho.........
Doesn't she look mega chuffed with herself.

The poncho was done last night, I finished it with 
a round of shells
then a trim in pink, very simple but just right for this.
I still have a lot of yarn left over so now i have to find other wee projects to use it up.......
any ideas??????????????

Also I really wanted to post these photos of yesterday's bag, the colors show up 
so much better in these

So thats it for today, am making some real pretty cushions at the mo, will 
post over the next few days
They will be for the shop so I'm gonna get crackin on that

Hope you all have a great evening 
Lots of love Karen xxxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Patchey Bag No 2

This got finished at last today

Forgive the bad color in the photos, it seems to be impossible to get good bright color strong pics at the minute. The rain is non stop so every thing is dull & grey, even with all my 
lights on the images still look ............?????
Anyhoo this one has been stuck in my fabric basket for months, half baked & today i finally 
got the finger out & finished it, one of many half baked WIPS in various stages of construction, in various places around my house.
So as part of my whole decluttering drive its time to tackle them....don't you think!!

Am altogether pleased with the finished bag, def going in my Etsy Shop which will at last be going up this week. I will take some clearer photos for that cause the colors are real nice in this bag.
That gorgeous button was part of a swap from last year, given to me my a very sweet lady over at 
SandiArt, one of my favorite blogs xxxx

Any advice on pricing would be greatly appreciated, from those who already have online shops,
I sure would be grateful :D

This morning despite all the rain (this is Ireland) I realised Spring is om the way.
Came downstairs at 7.00am for a big mug of coffee (much needed at that hour....yeah!!!)
& this was smiling at me from my kitchen window sill

You know my heart just skipped a beat....my very first daffodil
Ain't it a sweetie, i'm still smiling at it, that soft yellow prettiness.........I think i'm in love!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow another will have appeared, gives me an incentive to be up at the crack of dawn (not)!

Oh oh oh the poncho is on the final stretch, border, will show it to you tomorrow.
Its so cute....I want one :D
See you soon 
Lots of love Karen xxxxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Food glorious Fooooooooood!!!!!!

Thats a terrible title, but it just stuck in my head when i was fixing my pics
so there we go!!!!
This is a real quick pop in to show you what i indulged in for dessert today

Too nice...... I had double helpings.....the button of my jeans has to be left open for the remainder of the evening......not a good sign AT ALL!!!!
Those are not my fingers having a pick they're hers........

Sophie Joanna Cassidy....she arrived home from Germany yesterday & was bursting for some good ol home cookin :D
Its sooooooooooooooo good to have her back, after over a year of travelling,
don't think my heart could take much more!

This evening the plan is some rounds on this wee cutie.....

Its a use up all my bits project....a poncho for Ella, seen lots of real pretty ones in blogland recently & thought what a sweet idea.....plus I'm dying for some new colors & will only feel justified if I use what I have first.
A tah dah coming soon.
Well I'm off to play hookey, have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Baking Day !!!!!

I'm not sure what came over me this morning, specially as I feel quite
tired today, but the baking bug bit hard so I whizzed into action
& whipped up some sweet goodies.
Just the right thing for the weekend....Don't you think?????

First up is a recipe i spotted on this blog Frugal Queen in this post.
Its called Oatey Mincemeat Slice

Its a def winner of a recipe, thank you Frugal Queen!!!!!
Plus I got to use up the last of my Christmas mince yummmmmmmmm!!!!

Next some "healthy" wholemeal cookies
I promise they are healthy...very little sugar & a wee bit of butter

And last of all delicious almond cake.
Recipe here.........Lifes Rich Pattern. I've made this one a few times & it just seems to be a fail safe 
cake & absolutely YUM!!!!!!

At this very moment I am indulging in a slice with a nice cup of coffee.....

You know its one of the lightest cakes I've ever tasted, go check out the recipe.
Of course I needed to cook up something nutritious...
Minestrone Soup

I do solemnly swear I will start my diet on Monday....sometime in June :D
Have an absolutely wonderful weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

ps...a few people asked where I got the cross stitch kit....it came from mariescrosstitch.co.uk
Its an Anchor kit....CC74027 Traditional Sampler
I think you would have to google the site address as i didnt save the exact link.

Friday, 20 January 2012

A big challenge

I just had to post this before I tuck in for the night.
Just before Christmas I completed my first cross stitch Here.
After browsing many stitching blogs & being so incredibly inspired I decided to really give it a go.
A few days ago i received a much awaited package from my friendly postie
Here have a peek.....

Tah dahhhhhhhh a cross stitch kit, oooooooohhhhhhhh isn't it just so lovely.
I adore samplers & have wanted one for as long as I can remember & since there was no one jumping to my rescue in this deep, deep need I thought hey why not just do one yourself.
Now iI know its a huge task, it really is, I nearly keeled over when I saw the size of the pattern, so I'm preparing myself for a long term project in this.
Wish me luck eh!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxx

ps do you like my new header, I've been messing around with headers so much lately, I think I'm satisfied with this one :D

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pretty Crafty Home.........

This morning I clicked on This Blog.......Cherry  Heart, which is one of my absolute favorites.
Sandra the author of the blog has started a new group
The Pretty Crafty Home group, course my curiousity was sparked straight away.
You can find all the details if you click on the button in my side bar....its all about crafting for the home & decluttering among other things, well since my house needs quite a bit of decluttering & could do with some pretty touches, I thought HEY i'm in for this.
Just think you get to do all this & be inspired & encouraged by other groupies along the way!!!!
So today I started with a few bargains to brighten up my kitchen dresser....

New cups & saucers from Meadows & Byrnes at Bunratty. I spotted them as soon as i walked in the door & to my surprise they cost only E3.50 each. I bought two, but will def drag my sweet husband out there on sat to purchase two more & maybe even some side plates, if i'm lucky :D
Also found the lovely Willow plate at our thrift shop last week E1 BARGAIN!!!!
Aren't the colors pretty though!!!!!

Next up is this.....

Have had this cube thingy for years,,,,,the yuk stripey fabric is what lurks beneath the gold cover I made when I first bought it in a sale, again at Meadows & Byrnes.
I don't really have  aproblem with the gold cover except i want to bring more creams & white into my home .
So I rooted out an old pelmet from my sitting room. I had kept it as the fabric is really good quality, Sanderson, & no I did not pay full price for that either.
A new cover was the order of the day..........

What do you think.......I added a new cushion cover trimmed with a cream satin cord which by the way i got for free from a curtain shop i do some work for :D
Total refurb cost........... NOTHING.....Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Am chuffed with the result & even more pleased at the cost :D

Also over the last week I've been trying my hand at costume making.
One of the girls is going to an anime convention on sat & wanted to dress up as a character from the Final Fantasy games.........Tifa
Here's the result, just a try on session, will def take proper pics when she's going with the hair & stuff all done

It should be leather but hey there aint no way i'm shelling out for real leather so this is done in leatherette, along with some satin I had & some buckles I cut off an old bag....total cost E17 ....these things cost over 100 to buy online. Phew thank God I can sew EH!!!!!!!

Anyhoo must fly, a new crochet project awaits, will show you soon.
Do leave a comment & let me know what you think of my first Pretty Crafty House makes
See you soon lots of love 
Karen xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some WIPS..........

Sooooo I've finished the  top for the blue & white quilt, its lookin cute

But now I need a wee bit of advice or an opinion, you see I've run out of fabric for the binding,  I could just go & buy some plain binding but I just cannot stand that horrid stiff excuse for binding they sell in my nearby fabric shop. I don't have time to wait for more from overseas so my choices are these......

I've put a border of blue followed by a thicker white band so I've picked out these two from my stash, its gotta be one of these........which one??????
Pink or turquoise.................................
Opinions please :D!!!!!!
And movin on................... my much neglected ripple has been given a bit of attention over the last few evenings, its just soooo very relaxing while watching season two of 24 (of all things) not exactly relaxing viewing, but great nonetheless.

I'm at 75 rows, i think I,ll go to 100 then edge it & find a home at home for the finished piece.
Have enjoyed this one very much, but then I really enjoyed seeing any hooky piece come together.
There's just such pleasure & satisfaction  in creating something sweet for your home!!

Today after being inspired by Sarah at FairyFace Designs i finally got back to my Ruby fabric.
Last time i touched it, it looked like this....

I just wasn't sure where to go with it, but after seeing Sarah's pinwheels, inspiration hit.
I've never done pinwheels before so it was a bit of a challenge

This lot came from one charm pack, I have three more so it should make a pretty nice size quilt.
I'm gonna border each square in white, wish me luck.
All the Quilts I've done so far are just plain squares so this one may be venturing into new territory for me :D.
Go have a look at Sarah's blog, its really great & she's Irish ......Yayyy!!

Well its 24 time (I don't have TV channels, so we tend to buy different series  to watch & this is our latest offering)
I'm in sweats, woolly socks, crochet at the ready....here goes xxxxxx
Hope you all have a wonderful evening & an even more wonderful weekend
Love you guys, its just so lovely to meet more & more new friends all the time,
Lots of love & millions of hugs & kisses Karen xxxxxxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Normality Restored!!!!!!

Well thats it, the house is back to its regular run of the mill, everyday, hum drum
but quietly satisfying day in, day out life!!!!!
The girls went back to school today (would I sound completely awful if I said a tiny "yayyyyyy") I know, I know what kind of mom am I????????
The Christmas decorations are all down & packed away for another eleven months & Spring is most def on the way. Such a mild Winter this year, almost feels like Spring already.
Sophie returned to Germany on Sunday morning, which I am not over the moon about, but hey its just for two weeks then her travelling days are over for the time being, at least until she finishes uni & thats a year & a half away. She has said though that there is no place like home & has learned to really appreciate Ireland especially after her last four months in Germany, no offense intended.

I began my exercise routine today, a good ol Tae Bo workout, which will def knock off cobwebs & i'm convinced some pounds as well. I used to do this work out a lot some years back but stopped, & i tell you i was pretty fit, so i'm determined to get back there again. Wishful thinking!!!!

Anyhoo i've started my first quilt of 2012, first of many I hope.
I wanted something Fresh & simple to start, so i've stuck to a sweet blue & white pattern.

Got quite a bit done today, must be all that exercise makes me feel like superwoman!!!!
Its gonna be a pretty big one, large enough for a king size bed I hope.
After that i'm gonna attack the Ruby fabrics at long last, can't wait :D.

Also on the go these last few days, a wee bit of simple hooking.
Bought two balls of the softest yarn in real cute colors & hooked up a quick cowl & set of wrist warmers for moi!!!!!

I know the photos aren't great, but those colors sure are cute eh!!
Oh my these are mega warm when I go out for my evening walk Mmmmmmm,
lovely & cozy :D.
Also couldn't resist these...........................

Ain't they so pretty, I want spring colors everywhere, pink, blue, lilac.......
thank God for cheap bunches of flowers in the supermarket, otherwise it most def would be cut out all around the house & how tacky would that be!!!!!
Oh yes a recipe....I was asked for  this from the previous post so here goes

Now before you read on, if you want a six pack like yer one in the pic above stop right now, & leave all such recipes out of your mind, ok!!!!!!!

Pear & Almond Tart
10oz plain flour
5.5oz caster sugar
1 tsp finely grated lemon rind
pinch of salt
5.50z chilled butter
1 egg
1 tbsp chilled water

6oz butter
6oz caster sugar
3 eggs
6oz ground almonds
2 tsp plain flour
1/2 tsp almond extract 
2 large ripe pears

1. Pastry, put flour, suger, lemon & salt in a bowl. Rub in until you have a fine breadcrumb type mix.
Combine egg & water, then slowy add to the flour mix, stirring with a fork until it comes together.
Wrap in cling film & chill for an hour.
2.Roll out to approx 1/8 inch thick & line a 10 inch pie tin. Bake blind for 12 mins at 200'c.
Remove from oven & prepare filling.
3. beat butter & sugar until light & fluffy. Beat in the eggs one at a time.
Add remaining ingrediants (not pears) & mix until blended.
4. Spoon the mix into the pastry case, peel & slice the pears & arrange on top.
Bake for 25 mins or until centre is cooked.
5. Dust with icing sugar & serve with whatever you fancy.
I had mine with hot toffee sauce & whipped cream , slurp!!!!!!!!

Thanks for popping by
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxxxx 

Monday, 2 January 2012

My first 2012 Ta Dahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I've been dying to do a first post of 2012, so here goes........
I've made a new hooky scarf, now to be honest it was started last year & finished today
So i'm calling it a 2012 creation.
The colors don't look too good in the photos...... bad lighting!!!!

Granny squares in nice earthy colors & a cute trim

The edging took ages but I think I like it lots.
My dilemma now is do i keep or give it as a gift.....my sisters birthday is coming up soon & i would love to do a quilt for her.....BUT will i have time?????????
Decisions, decisions.....................

Also did some real simple wrist warmers over the holidays, you know small easy projects,
I think i hooked up four or five pairs, these are Ella's 
(not a great pic, bad light these days)

All the girls got a pair & they want more...."a set in every color mom please" if you 
don't mind!!!!!!!
I quess i have a lot of lovely relaxing crochet days ahead.

We had the loveliest New Year, I'm a new years day person, forget the night before
I just cannot stay up that late, not good  at late nights. So after an outstanding church service we came home & cooked up the most delicious roast lamb dinner, can still taste it, followed by sticky Toffee pud & this

Pear & Almond tart, i kept back some toffee sauce & poured it over my piece with tia maria flavored cream......yummy!!!!!!
We only ate half so the rest is in the freezer for next weekend.
The rest of the day was spent, with just family, chatting & watching movies.
Who has seen Mr Poppers Penquins...... oh boy if you haven't you have got to see it, so good.

Hmmmmm how many of you have made new resolutions for this year.....I'm still pondering mine, have to think em through thoroughly before I commit heh heh!!!
I am def going to get fit again though, more walking, more cycling & maybe some Tae bo......I am sick of feeling sluggish so watch out.....here i come....do i sound convincing eh!!!!! Yeah right!!!!

Well on the menu tonight is 24.....Lauren bought the complete set for Aidan & I for Christmas....yep all eight series plus a feature......Lots of viewing.

All the best to all of you for 2012
Lots of Love Karen Xxxxx