Monday, 2 January 2012

My first 2012 Ta Dahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I've been dying to do a first post of 2012, so here goes........
I've made a new hooky scarf, now to be honest it was started last year & finished today
So i'm calling it a 2012 creation.
The colors don't look too good in the photos...... bad lighting!!!!

Granny squares in nice earthy colors & a cute trim

The edging took ages but I think I like it lots.
My dilemma now is do i keep or give it as a sisters birthday is coming up soon & i would love to do a quilt for her.....BUT will i have time?????????
Decisions, decisions.....................

Also did some real simple wrist warmers over the holidays, you know small easy projects,
I think i hooked up four or five pairs, these are Ella's 
(not a great pic, bad light these days)

All the girls got a pair & they want more...."a set in every color mom please" if you 
don't mind!!!!!!!
I quess i have a lot of lovely relaxing crochet days ahead.

We had the loveliest New Year, I'm a new years day person, forget the night before
I just cannot stay up that late, not good  at late nights. So after an outstanding church service we came home & cooked up the most delicious roast lamb dinner, can still taste it, followed by sticky Toffee pud & this

Pear & Almond tart, i kept back some toffee sauce & poured it over my piece with tia maria flavored cream......yummy!!!!!!
We only ate half so the rest is in the freezer for next weekend.
The rest of the day was spent, with just family, chatting & watching movies.
Who has seen Mr Poppers Penquins...... oh boy if you haven't you have got to see it, so good.

Hmmmmm how many of you have made new resolutions for this year.....I'm still pondering mine, have to think em through thoroughly before I commit heh heh!!!
I am def going to get fit again though, more walking, more cycling & maybe some Tae bo......I am sick of feeling sluggish so watch i i sound convincing eh!!!!! Yeah right!!!!

Well on the menu tonight is 24.....Lauren bought the complete set for Aidan & I for Christmas....yep all eight series plus a feature......Lots of viewing.

All the best to all of you for 2012
Lots of Love Karen Xxxxx


  1. Hi Karen,
    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. Love the scarf and think it'll be a great gift for your sister. And that tart! yummmm
    Enjoy 24,
    Love Celeste

  2. I adore the crochet edging on those squares for the scarf. Adds some great texture to the piece!

  3. Great start to the New Year Karen, I hope you had a wonderful new year. I love the new post and I am so impressed with your. Big hugs, Margie.

  4. Sorry it should have continued "I am impressed with your work in 2011, continued crafting in 2012. Big hugs, Margie. x

  5. Hi Karen! Love the handwarmers!!! I know how it goes with bad lighting in the house. There are always so many cool things I want to photograph for the blog, but just can't get a good photo!! Have fun watching 24!!! Lots of action and the awesome Jack Bauer :)

  6. Such a pretty scarf. I love the muted colors, very different for you. I want to crochet a bit more this year and get fit right with you. That pear tart looks delish...are you going to share the recipe? Oh yeah, I just said I wanted to get fit! I guess I just discovered my problem. Happy New Year, Patty

  7. Love your scarf, the edging was totally worth it. The tart looks yummy, like something from a cooking magazine. Oh and love your new header pic too! Happy New Year!

  8. Hi,
    Just found you!!! Happy 2012!
    Love the scarf and your pear tart looks yummy, am looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog,
    Andrea x

  9. Hi Karen... I wondered where you had gone and just realised that I got you new bloggy address now I have found you again! Hooray! Happy New Year! :)x

  10. That pear and almond tart sounds delish! Yummo! And your scarf is lovely. I never keep anything for myself. Just keep making and giving. Happy new year to you and yours, Tammy

  11. Hello Karen....Happy 2012!....I can see that you have started the year full of creativity too!.... I love those earthy colours in your scarf...and your tart looks delicious....I really need to join you in getting fit...too much time is spent knitting and sewing....I need a few more hours in the day as always!...
    Susan x

  12. Dear Karen, a happy new year 2012 to you and your family! Hugs Nicolexxx

  13. Wow hon what a start to the year. Your scarf is gorgeous - keep it for yourself!!! The edging is amazing!! I adore the wrist warmers too. What pattern did you use or did you make it up? I'm bursting to make some in anticipation of an upcoming winter. That tart is making me so hungry - best I go and think about breakfast ... See you again soon hon. Leah xx