Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some WIPS..........

Sooooo I've finished the  top for the blue & white quilt, its lookin cute

But now I need a wee bit of advice or an opinion, you see I've run out of fabric for the binding,  I could just go & buy some plain binding but I just cannot stand that horrid stiff excuse for binding they sell in my nearby fabric shop. I don't have time to wait for more from overseas so my choices are these......

I've put a border of blue followed by a thicker white band so I've picked out these two from my stash, its gotta be one of these........which one??????
Pink or turquoise.................................
Opinions please :D!!!!!!
And movin on................... my much neglected ripple has been given a bit of attention over the last few evenings, its just soooo very relaxing while watching season two of 24 (of all things) not exactly relaxing viewing, but great nonetheless.

I'm at 75 rows, i think I,ll go to 100 then edge it & find a home at home for the finished piece.
Have enjoyed this one very much, but then I really enjoyed seeing any hooky piece come together.
There's just such pleasure & satisfaction  in creating something sweet for your home!!

Today after being inspired by Sarah at FairyFace Designs i finally got back to my Ruby fabric.
Last time i touched it, it looked like this....

I just wasn't sure where to go with it, but after seeing Sarah's pinwheels, inspiration hit.
I've never done pinwheels before so it was a bit of a challenge

This lot came from one charm pack, I have three more so it should make a pretty nice size quilt.
I'm gonna border each square in white, wish me luck.
All the Quilts I've done so far are just plain squares so this one may be venturing into new territory for me :D.
Go have a look at Sarah's blog, its really great & she's Irish ......Yayyy!!

Well its 24 time (I don't have TV channels, so we tend to buy different series  to watch & this is our latest offering)
I'm in sweats, woolly socks, crochet at the goes xxxxxx
Hope you all have a wonderful evening & an even more wonderful weekend
Love you guys, its just so lovely to meet more & more new friends all the time,
Lots of love & millions of hugs & kisses Karen xxxxxxx


  1. WOW! beautiful everything in this post! the ripple colours go together so nicely - it is a relaxing pattern to hook up isnt it?
    as for your quilt binding dilemma - i think turquoise, but either would look lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!i'm *maybe* about to attempt my first bit of quilting so this is inspiring :)

  2. Lots of "wows!" from me. Quilt looks great and the ripples are fab! There's nothing better than sitting in a cosy spot hooking away! Well done xxx

  3. Hi Karen

    Love the ripple...I have one I am currently working on in similar colours. It is to be a wedding present for my sister.
    I'm sure either binding fabric would suit but do quite like the right hand one.
    It is summer here in Oz so not much cosy rippling here unless we switch on the air con :)

  4. You've got quite a bit done this year already. Based on the pictures, I would go with the turquoise. I only bought one charm pack of Ruby so I am still hoarding it until I know exactly how I want to use it. Your pinwheels look great.

  5. Wow hon - what a stunning post full of gorgeousness! Your ripple is looking absolutely beautiful. So nice to get comfy in the evening and get the old hook out isn't it? My vote is for pink by the way!! Have a fab weekend. L x

  6. I think the pink would be a nice contrast, unless you have enough leftovers to piece your binding?? Loving your ripple, and the pinwheels too!

  7. Hi Karen...Well of course I am biased and LOVE the ripple blanket! I think both quilts are gorgeous... as for the binding.. I think pink, but what about doing little patchwork strips of each? I know, I know... its not me doing all the fiddly sewing!! :)x

  8. Beautiful, Karen! You are so clever. And I think pink!
    Jane x

  9. Wow, you work so quickly! The quilt looks gorgeous and me too - I think pink is a good contrast. Have a nice weekend. Hugs Nicole

  10. Wow, You are so talented and busy! Am in awe! Like the turquoise option! But that's my favourite colour! Everything is so gorgeous, love it all, Becca x

  11. Wooow, I love your ripple! Such pretty colors :)

  12. Gorgeous things in this post! The quilt is looking so pretty...I would use the pink for the binding! I adore those pinwheels, one of my fave blocks since I did a cushion last year. I just love the colours you have used!
    Helen x

  13. Your quilts and ripple are all so beautiful!

    Just saw your previous post. yikes! Billy Blanks. I did his workout about 7 years ago with friends. Man oh man was it a killer. Yep! I was in great shape then. I don't think I would last a minute now. :/

    Hope your day is great. Tammy

  14. oh my what a beautiful quilt that will be, i am sorry but i am no help...i am hoping to start my very first quilt soon :o)
    loving that ripple
    love jooles x

  15. oh what a magnificant quilt it will be !!! i think its going to be so pretty :D
    i will always love it
    love your daughter
    Ella xoxo

  16. Love the blue and white quilt. I'm seeing a lot of blue and white that I'm loving at the moment. I think the world is telling me something! If only I had somewhere in my house where blue and white would go! Love the pin wheels too, very pretty and great fabric combos. Yummy!

    Thanks so much for joining me in the PCH project. I've added your link on my site and I wish you good luck, it's going to be good (I hope)!

    S x