Monday, 20 May 2013

A Mommy Blanket Finish

Its done....finally, I actually can't remember when I started this wee
Throw, it was definitely well before Christmas.....Ohhhhh
the shame!!!!!!!
I'm such a bad, bad crocheter (was gonna say hooker....but had a 
very quick change of mind )
But anyhoo it's done, its really done, I'm kind of giggling here
with a giddy, stupid, silly laugh cause I  thought I'd never finish it.
I got bored at times, lazy at times & just too darn busy at other times.
I've stitched in all the ends....which is a mini miracle because  (confession) 
I've done reveals before & just hid the ends.....not this time though

No ends :)

Just real good ol fashioned finished blanket

I love the border, found the link for a pattern on this wonderful 

I'm packaging it up tomorrow & sending it to my Mom in 
Australia along with a lot of Butler's Irish chocolate for my sweet 
toothed Dad (it's def the best choc ever)

Hope she likes............

By the way I should say this more often...thank you so much 
for the lovely comments you leave, I get excited & thrilled by each one,
a real genuine encouragement....Bless you
Lots of Love Karen xxxxx

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A tasty little cake

Lauren bought me a new cook book last christmas
"Cake" by Rachel Allen.
Now I've tried many a recipe from it over the last few months
but yesterday I tried this one

Swedish Almond Cake
Oh my goodness what an absolute treat & I swear so simple to make.
Here's a link for anyone who would venture to test it out
Seriously yum, with a nice cuppa of whatever 
you fancy...... tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cappucino!!!!!

This one is all gone, we pigged gluttony.
Think I'll make another :)

Have a sweet YUMMY weekend
Lots of love Karen x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Sophie Quilt

YaHayyyyy I finished my first full size quilt this year, I am so 
pleased I put the commitment in  at long last.
Its been thrown in a basket for almost a year & Sophie's been 
minus a much desired new quilt on her bed.
Well no more wishing she got her quilt & even slept with it last night.

I think it was a successful sleep

I was tempted to keep it for my wicker chair'
but sure that would be totally selfish...wouldn't it ??????

I kept the quilting nice & simple, straight line, no hassle, no steam coming out my ears
just sew handy lines back & forth accross the quilt
Easy peasy.

I finihed with a cute green fabric for the binding.
Actually it was all I had that looked any bit decent & I just was
not going to wait while I ordered something else.
Works ok though.....doesn't it :)

 I am super pleases to have done it, kind of gives me incentive to finish
more of my WIP's.

Finished painting my kitchen  today, think I'm on a roll.

This is next, just gotta weave in a few hundred ends

So another  finish on the way in a day or two. depending on my fingers.
Off I go.........
Have a sweet week
Lots of love Karen x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Lil Birthday Girl

Happy birthday Ella, she had a real fun party yesterday, food, friends & pressies......twas great

Pizza Party Yum (these are in uncooked stage) such a lovely day
Karen x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ready to quilt

Just a quick post to show you what I'll be doing this weekend besides Ella's birthday party tomorrow, I've basted Sophie's quilt & am just about ready to quilt......really hoping to get this completed soon, its been on my to do pile for such an age

All pinned & stretched (enough I hope)..............................

Rolled for less bulk & all set for my machine :)...........oh JOY I'm so dying to finish a quilt this year, it really has been a bad sewing, crocheting, crafting one soooooooo far & now I' feel a new lease of life to finish all my unfinishes!!!!!!

Must be the sun which has decided to shine over Ireland for the first time in ...............I really can't remember, but oh it just makes everything glow with colour when it does

Hope it stays for the birthday bash
Will pop in with pics
Have a wonderful; weekend Karen xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hi There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there, very long time no see. I have a last found a wee bit of time to check in & put up a lil post on this long neglected blog of mine. To tell you the truth I thought I was finished with blogging, but after a two month absence I have found myself missing it a lot.
Its been a busy few months with our wedding anniversary, Easter, a trip to Australia to visit my parents & family & just life in general which has been busy, busy, busy.
I haven't done much in the way of crafting, but am determined to rectify that over the next while.

Am at the moment putting a border on this blanket........

Almost there after months of ignoring it, I finally got the finger out & am very much wanting to have a new blanket to send to a special someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also am almost finished collecting & piecing blocks for this bee quilt ...........

Not too sure of the layout yet but def getting there, hope it'll be as sweet as I'd imagined in this sometimes way too overactive lil brain of mine & its sooooooo not as easy as I'd thought it would be, isn't that always how it goes :)

A few new cushions on my working my way through redoing my much in need of a lick of paint sitting room, walls are a disgrace, but hey at least the sofa looks some bit presentable eh !!!!!

Then my next crochet project, which quite simply is gonna be a whopping great big throw made up of the far too many leftover colours & types of yarn cluttering up my already much too cluttered house, I'm hoping it will be colourful, eclectic (sounds hopeful) & a bit nice when its done (gotta use the waste)

So that's it, all I have to show for a whole two months............I'm determined to finish the border & stitch in ends, quilt a quilt that needed quilting for a year now .......& all this by Monday (yeah right) so stayed tuned please.........

Missed you all so much, am off now to catch up with you guys, can't wait
Lots of love Karen xxxxx