Monday, 20 May 2013

A Mommy Blanket Finish

Its done....finally, I actually can't remember when I started this wee
Throw, it was definitely well before Christmas.....Ohhhhh
the shame!!!!!!!
I'm such a bad, bad crocheter (was gonna say hooker....but had a 
very quick change of mind )
But anyhoo it's done, its really done, I'm kind of giggling here
with a giddy, stupid, silly laugh cause I  thought I'd never finish it.
I got bored at times, lazy at times & just too darn busy at other times.
I've stitched in all the ends....which is a mini miracle because  (confession) 
I've done reveals before & just hid the ends.....not this time though

No ends :)

Just real good ol fashioned finished blanket

I love the border, found the link for a pattern on this wonderful 

I'm packaging it up tomorrow & sending it to my Mom in 
Australia along with a lot of Butler's Irish chocolate for my sweet 
toothed Dad (it's def the best choc ever)

Hope she likes............

By the way I should say this more often...thank you so much 
for the lovely comments you leave, I get excited & thrilled by each one,
a real genuine encouragement....Bless you
Lots of Love Karen xxxxx


  1. Karen, I love it. What a great job. Love the border too. I am itching to have a go at it but there is a stitch on it that I'm not sure about. xx

  2. Karen,
    Beautiful blanket! The border is very cool!
    Butlers Irish Chocolate....hmmmm.....I've never heard of it, but will have to check that out as well!....Wonder if I can get it here in the states...
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Oh, such a beautiful blanket! Your mum is very lucky! :)

  4. Oh's gorgeous! and the border is so pretty. Your mom is going to love it!

  5. Beautiful, She's a lucky Mum! xx

  6. So beautiful! What a special gift for your mom! She'll love it.

  7. What a wonderful blanket. I love the edging you've used so pretty. Your Mum's very lucky to receive such a wonderful blanket x

  8. Hi there
    I am smiling....your post makes me smile....that's nice I need to smile today :-)
    Hooker indeed LOL!

    Your mother is just going to love that blanket it looks soft comfy and warm and soft colours too....nice!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. Hi Karen!! So happy to see you back in blogland!! Your blanket is so pretty and the border is lovely!! Good job weaving in those ends! xoxo

  10. I'm loving this blanket so much, it's really very pretty! I'm sure your Mum will treasure it and it will last a tad longer than the chocolate, lol.

  11. This is so pretty - love the colours and the edging!

  12. It is wonderful to finish a project and this blanket is a lovely one.
    Anne xx

  13. Great finish Karen! I really like the effect of that stitch, and the border looks fantastic. Such a pretty, feminine blanket.

  14. Such a sweet blanket, Karen, and the border is gorgeous, a perfect finish! Your mom is going to be so thrilled!
    Helen x

  15. How pretty! I love the coloring and the edging is gorgeous. I think I may need one of these! Your mom is going to love this. What a treasure of love.

  16. Your mum will be thrilled Karen!..Such a pretty blanket and I love the colours too. The border is a perfect finishing touch,
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  17. I absolutely LOVE your blanket. All the colors are wonderful and the border is truly beautiful.. I really love the border. I will have to find the pattern for it. I am sure your MOM will love this beautiful blanket along with the chocolates. Hugs Judy

  18. Beautiful blanket! Love your color choice and the border.. Love it too! hope I find the pattern :)

  19. Wow! Completely beautiful! It must have been a wrench to part with it! Well done you, what beautiful work! xxx

  20. Hi, I love your blog!
    You make beautiful things,
    I will come more often to visit,


  21. lovely, what stitch is that

  22. Hi friend I love your blog always has nice things here, hugs ...


  24. It is gorgeous , love the colours and I am sure your mum will love it x