Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Sophie Quilt

YaHayyyyy I finished my first full size quilt this year, I am so 
pleased I put the commitment in  at long last.
Its been thrown in a basket for almost a year & Sophie's been 
minus a much desired new quilt on her bed.
Well no more wishing she got her quilt & even slept with it last night.

I think it was a successful sleep

I was tempted to keep it for my wicker chair'
but sure that would be totally selfish...wouldn't it ??????

I kept the quilting nice & simple, straight line, no hassle, no steam coming out my ears
just sew handy lines back & forth accross the quilt
Easy peasy.

I finihed with a cute green fabric for the binding.
Actually it was all I had that looked any bit decent & I just was
not going to wait while I ordered something else.
Works ok though.....doesn't it :)

 I am super pleases to have done it, kind of gives me incentive to finish
more of my WIP's.

Finished painting my kitchen  today, think I'm on a roll.

This is next, just gotta weave in a few hundred ends

So another  finish on the way in a day or two. depending on my fingers.
Off I go.........
Have a sweet week
Lots of love Karen x


  1. Gorgeous quilt and lovely choice of fabrics! I have the same fabrics in my stash, so very pretty!

  2. It came out just as I though it would....very pretty!

  3. Oh, gorgeous!! Such pretty fabrics, and I love the binding!! Fab job :)

  4. It is a beautiful quilt. I think it is perfect for a girl's room. Well I think it would be perfect for my room too. What pattern did you use?

  5. What a fabulous finish! Love the binding and straight line quilting!

  6. What a beautiful quilt, and it does feel so good to finish a WIP, believe me I know 😊
    Hugs from Iceland

  7. It's totally great! I know you're so happy that you finished. It's so satisfying when you finish a long project, isn't it? And it turned out so beautiful. I think that green edging is perfect. Can't wait to see the pretty crochet next!

  8. Your quilt is so beautiful, I love the triangular squares (I am sure they have a real name but I am a little green in the quilting department!) I am so inspired to create my own quilt looking at this, it will be much smaller of course being my first ever! The colours are so pretty!

  9. First of all, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Such a beauty! Looked like fun!
    Congrats on your finished quilt. She's a beauty!!!! LOVE the fabric!!! And I love the afghan too!!! You ARE on a roll!!
    xo Kris

  10. It's a beautiful quilt well done, I think those straight lines are just right! :) x

  11. Sew pretty! I love the colours of this sweet quilt and the straight line quilting really suits it!
    Helen x

  12. Amazing quilt you must me so proud! great how you've got all the fabrics to come together so beautifully :)

  13. Hi Karen..Your quilt is beautiful..I love the fabrics and colours (and the binding has worked perfectly!) The straight line quilting looks gorgeous. It's a great feeling to get a project finished too, isn't it?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  14. I love pinwheel quilts! The fabric is very pretty. Can't wait to see the finished crochet.

  15. The quilt looks gorgeous and I love the colours.

    Nina x