Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scrappy Mats

Much to my joy my big roman blind order hasn't arrived yet
so I did a wee bit of "enjoy" sewing today.
There's not much else to do really, its been raining almost 
non stop & I do like to be busy at something.
So I started on these

I've been craving pretty table mats for a while so out with the scrap bag 
& off we go. Strips & strips of girly pink, I do love pink I have to say, not on me mind you,
(maybe once or twice a year), but YES to pretty household thingy's in pink.

Needed a total contrast on the back, as my ever so sweet girls have had enough of pink, 
so being the ever so nice momma that I am I did the back in green which I do happen to 
love also, with 'OH YES' cute lil pink flowers heh heh!!!!!!

Three done, three to go ohhhhh can't wait to set my table with them, will feel 
so cute sitting down to dinner.
Also have been motoring on with my lovely wee granny,
she a sweet ol gal, gives me lots of joy & contentment,
 how does crochet do that??????
 That feel good factor never fails to show up when 
I sit down in the evening with hook in hand &
lovely soft warm yarn all round me!!!!

Yes the colors are so much clearer in this photo, ohhhhh I do love this lil dear.
The colors are so cheery.

This is most definitely a keeper. Am anxious to finish it......giant 
grannies are great that way, quick & easy!
However I have to go buy some "pink" for it tomorrow so can't get on with it 
this evening, ah well, I do have another blanket on the go
so its an evening of crochet & Larkrise to Candleford (have just got to watch it again)
You know its such a shame they don't make more shows like that.
Downton was great, but for me just not as good.
Found season two wayyyy too "soapy" & cheesey, especially
the last few episodes.
Hope I don't offend, I did like Downton.
must get the Christmas one, an essential part of the story I heard.
So Larkrise it is tonight!!!!

So my sweet friends, hope you all have a wonderful evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

What a Happy Dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

What a precious Sunday I've just had.
Church this morning as always, a real joy.
Then home for dinner (the steak was yum)
After that we took a drive out to Dromoland Castle for a walk by the river 
& a wee stroll around the lovely walled gardens

The flowers were so pretty & so welcome after all the rainy grey weather we've had recently

Just lovely

Then off home for some of this

And this

And a new cushion to boot

Have been blessed today, am feeling very satisfied right now.
My crochet granny is growing as is my waist, what with steak, cupcakes from yesterday
& the dessert I had at dromoland (didn't take a snap of that don't want you all thinking I'm a total glutton)
I'm pretty ready for a lot of activity this week.
I've had such a nice weekend & I feel so refreshed & thankful

Well I look forward to getting back here again during the week & catching up with all your beautiful blogs
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I Shouldn't Have..........

I have just put behind me an incredibly busy week.
I had so many plans, sewing, crochet, walking, tae bo...........all the usuals!!
But it wasn't to be,got a few rush orders for curtains, cushions & even a few roman blinds.
My entry for the half square triangle contest is not done, so I won't be entering :(
I will finish it though when the blind making eases off, I think I have eight to sew up 
next week, so I'm putting the feet up all weekend.
Today though I fancied something luscious & sinfully decadent.
Found this recipe Here.
Oh my, oh my, oh my...................

Chocolate cupcakes with Oreo butter cream.....are you drooling?????

Ok you can have one...

But these are for ME he he he, I'm so rotten ;)

The girls haven't stopped giving out since ....."mom for goodness sake, we'll get so faaaaat"
While munching on one or two.
"Why do you make these things, really you know we can't resist, its just not fair"
Poor things, they have a desperately hard life, I just know you are all
sympathising with them.
Go check out the link blog, she is an amazing cook, love her recipes.
Don't think these will last long.

Sooooooo for the rest of my weekend I'll be doing this

A new granny square blanket, just round & round, easy going & restful, BLISS!!!
The color isn't great in this photo, will do another later in the week when its a wee bit bigger.
I love the colors though, a real change for me from my usual pastels, eventhough they look pastelly 
here, they're not.
The girls are all out tomorrow at a church youth meal, so Aidan & I have treated ourselves to some sirloin steak, slurp.....can't wait. You know I was a veggie for years in college, but
now I'd put a grizzley to shame........
needless to say I won't neglect my Tae Bo next week.
We're off on Hols in four weeks so I should really watch it.

Anyway after all that rambling I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend 
Have fun, be happy & blessed
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New dress design

I've wanted for so long to get back to designing clothes, that's what I 
trained in, & I've always just tinkered at it.
So when I took part in The farmers wife block contest, I figured
I'd incorporate the blocks into a wee skirt for Ella.
You can see it Here.
So for this contest
I thought I'll do another piece of clothing for Ella, she's a great model to use.
I'm not nearly halfway there,
Actually just started today, so I'm really pushing it as 
there's four days left eeeeek!!!!!
Anyhoo here's the lil blocks I'm putting together

Love these fabrics.......

Different  collections from Dena Fishbein.
Actually I was asked recently what my favourite fabric collection is, I think I said Freshcut, 
but when I think of Leanika, one of her collections, I get all googly
 it is so pretty but sadly 
no longer available :(
If anyone has ever heard of it & knows where it could be found, please, please, please
let me know.......

So thats where I am as of now, the idea is a dress & beach bag to match for our 
holidays in May.
A rough sketch just to give you an idea of where I want to go with it

Wish me luck......you should see the entries so far, oh my they are beautiful.
Don't think I stand much of a chance, but entering is fun, 
& its got my creative brain cells going, I love it!!!!

Hope you all have a sweet evening, I'm about to settle down 
with a hot chocolate & a good book.
Finally finished 24, I'm so relieved....I got my life back!!!!!!!!
See you soon 
Lots of love Karen xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

I know I've been lazy bout my blog!!!!!!

I think it's because of the Easter holidays though, so I have an excuse.
Seriously though I just spent the last two weeks chillin at home with the girls.
 I admit to being ultra lazy & slothful & I don't really care heh heh!!!!
It was a sweet break.
I did do a little bit of crafting, not a lot, but a wee bit, so at least I
have something to show for myself.
A few more grannies, patchwork ones, not the cute crochet type

One of these days they will magically become a quilt, soon, I promise.

I'm determined to do lots of work this week, really I am!!!!!!

A lil project with this beauty

Picked it up for E1.50 in the church thrift shop, cute eh!!!!!
Here's the after......

Amazing what a lick of paint can do & number two......

Forgot to take a before of this one, needless to say I def prefer both of them now!!!

The highlight of our hols was Laurens birthday.
We all went for afternoon tea at the prettiest tea rooms in a village not far from us in Quin

Had a yummy lunch

And some fun time together


Another sweetie.....couldn't get one of Beth....no way she would not have it!!!!

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXX
Have a great weekend
See you soon
Lots of love Karen x