Friday, 27 July 2012

My first wee tablecloth...Mandala style

I've finished my lil experiment & am pretty pleased with 
the result.....even though its no longer mine!!!
Lauren really felt the colors would look better in her place...
I agree, next one is gonna be more subtle to look like a 
match for my living room

Pinned & sprayed it Wednesday evening (can't for the life of me remember the 
correct term right now, bet it'll pop into my head as soon as I've finished the post)
Hold on a mo........I blocked it :D
And hey colorful table doiley/tablecloth.

I played around with stitches...what fun, its amazing how flexible crochet is..
A lot of fun, can't wait to do another for ME!!!!

Still it does look pretty in Lauren's place.
Time for some hot chocolate & crocheting of my blankie, slow....very slow ;o
Hope you all have a wonderful  creative fun lazy weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Scraps, scraps, scraps......

I have a massive bag of scraps that I just can't bring 
myself to throw out, I love every little bit, all those wonderful
fabrics, colors, patterns, just way too nice to waste.
So a scrappy quilt......
I love scrappy quilt & its time I made one.
Sorted the bits into colorways as best I could & got started.

I love it, fun, fun, fun.....yep sewing is fun!!!!!!
I'm gonna love this as a quilt

I predict lots of sewing, crazy bad weather so I need mega amounts of 
cheering up, bless that sewing machine of mine, she a peach!!!
Have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Granny quilt top

Well, well what a shocker, its been raining all day, 
haven't seen weather like this in an age....seems like 
four whole days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since I'm such a positive wee gal who likes to have a bright outlook
on life (kidding, I'm a real moaner too)
I used the day to finish my far too long in the pipeline
granny square quilt.

I'm dreading quilting it, if any one's up for it hey I'll be your BFF for ever & ever.
I'm joshing of course, kinda.
Seriously though does quilting ever get easy, although I have to say when its 
finished ...oh wow its so worth the work

Hope you all have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunshine days at last

Oh but I enjoyed my day today.
We had sun, sun, sun at long last & it was just glorious!!!
Took a trip to a park in Limerick (where I grew up).
Ella, Sophie, her friend & my adopted 5th daughter :) Megan.
We threw a small picnic together....sandwiches, brownies, fruit & a bottle of 
fizzy orange (I don't normally go for this, but yum anyway)
Picnic quilt, tennis rackets & off we went

Half in the shade of a beautiful old tree, which I subsequently enjoyed
lying beneath gazing at the leaves & blue sky

Haven't seen blue skies in months....Bliss!!!!

Love the happy faces

I do so love to chill :)

And play

And explore

And make daisy chains

And jump on my mom

Then tree gaze again....
Lovely day
Lots of love Karen x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Too many Wips

I think its four at the moment, yep that sounds about right!!!!!
Now in my defence I know that we all do the same I right?
It kinda keeps you interested doesn't it, being able to hop from one wip to another 
wip to yet another wip etc etc...
Anyhoo this is wip number one...

Its at eight by eight squares, I want at least 10 by 10 then a nice rich border
& a place to put it, mind that'll be the easy bit.
I do love this blanket but I have to say I find granny squares 
a wee bit tedious at times, even though I love the look of them, typical..
Anything worth making takes a lot of work...yep!!!
Next is my granny quilt....

This is an altogether awful photo but I love the quilt.
I've sewn thirty blocks & am in the process of assembling the quilt top.
This is one of my fav fabric lines, an older one ...Freshcut by 
Heather Bailey, very pretty.
Next is my ruby pinwheel quilt, this has been abandoned for 
so long, had to order some fabric for the backing & kept forgetting :S

The fabrics on its way so I will def get stuck in on this next week.
Still hooking happily on my round experiment from the previous post, had to frog some 
but I expected a bit of that since I'm making it up as I go.

Also last week had to make these for my quilt bee here

These are for Sarah's quilt, I think its gonna be a beauty.
This morning I received my mini quilt swap from Melinda as part of a mini 
quilt swap.......

Isn't it just beautiful, I think I def got the better end of the bargain here.
I love it :)
Well it has been a busy week all round but I have to say I have loved it,
I particularly enjoyed making these

Oh my these were the yummiest biscuits ever....found them over here at Sue's blog
The Quince Tree. I love her recipes.
My girls reckoned these were the best cookies they ever tasted
I agree....yum, & real simple to make.

I have one or two other smaller things on the go but I'll save them for another post
Thanks for popping by, have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another WIP!!!

I just can't help it, a new project gets me going....
there's no two ways about it, I get bored way too easily
and need a fresh start to spur me on to finish older projects.
Funny though I don't think I'm alone in this one eh!!!
Anyhoo I was kinda thinking I wonder could I sort of invent 
my own pattern, well not invent but hook up a project without following
someone else's beautiful pattern, there are so many to choose from.
So I've been wanting a round either tablecloth or throw...depending
on how far I can take's my attempt so far

Lots of color & just experimenting as I go

I'm quite enjoying this actually

might even turn out nice ......

Also today got to eat barbeque for the first time this summer, it was quite a treat,
lots of delicious smokey flavoured beef Yum!!!!
My offering was desserts

Pavlova...made some toffee sauce to pour over, finishing touch Mmmmmm

Blueberry & lemon drizzle cake

I always get desserts.....really I can cook other things...but I still get desserts.
"Hey Cass can you bring the dessert"
"Sure no prob"!!!!
It was a super day :)
I'm thinking some hooking now & a relaxing listen to The Gaither Vocal Band
Have a great weekend
Lots of Love Karen x 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wu Hoooooo did it!!!

Yep the fingers are sore but I gotta post
Finished the mini quilt so here's a peek before I post it....

I used some of all my fav fabrics, love these colours..

hand stitched around the circles in different colours

Binding in flower sugar fabric by Lecien, such a sweet fabric (sorry bout the blurry pic)

Backing in Ruby..

And viola.....I wanna keep it!!!!

Off to the postbox with you
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

ps...can't wait to catch up with all my fav blog friends over the next few days
Blessings K xxxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Oh Myyyyy I'm gonna be Late

Hi there its real good to be back here, typing away at my very own speed
on my very own blog after nearly two weeks away.
We had a great time, lots of fun with family & way too much 
good food (of course) & loads of  chill out time.
Now after a Mount Everest pile of laundry I finally 
have some minutes to sit & post!!!

I realised today when I was checking through some friends blogs that I 
had entered a mini quilt swap & had totally forgotten about it .......
Not good, it needs to be done  & received by my swap partner in the States
by the 15th of this month...holy cow....
Its gotta be today & tomorrow morning, then express post!!
So here's what I've done so far

Bit of a jumble at the mo, but I promise I will make it look good, I hope, I really do!!!

I'm thinking lots of hand quilting, some cute buttons & maybe a wee bit of ric rac
Oh Gosh!!!!!!
Do pray for me, won't you??????

These are cheerful though..

I lurveeeee pink flowers & they smell good too :)
Oh yes another wee tidbit
We are going to a wedding on thursday, Aidan
will officiate the ceremony, its exciting.....
I got a new dress for it today, I won't tell you the price, 
horrified myself, but in my defence we have another wedding in Oct
so it will be worn for that one too (all different people) whew!
So I gotta get this quilt done before then
Busy fingers, sore fingers, tired fingers
Ah well good food at the wedding will set that to right again
Have a lovely evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx