Friday, 20 July 2012

Too many Wips

I think its four at the moment, yep that sounds about right!!!!!
Now in my defence I know that we all do the same I right?
It kinda keeps you interested doesn't it, being able to hop from one wip to another 
wip to yet another wip etc etc...
Anyhoo this is wip number one...

Its at eight by eight squares, I want at least 10 by 10 then a nice rich border
& a place to put it, mind that'll be the easy bit.
I do love this blanket but I have to say I find granny squares 
a wee bit tedious at times, even though I love the look of them, typical..
Anything worth making takes a lot of work...yep!!!
Next is my granny quilt....

This is an altogether awful photo but I love the quilt.
I've sewn thirty blocks & am in the process of assembling the quilt top.
This is one of my fav fabric lines, an older one ...Freshcut by 
Heather Bailey, very pretty.
Next is my ruby pinwheel quilt, this has been abandoned for 
so long, had to order some fabric for the backing & kept forgetting :S

The fabrics on its way so I will def get stuck in on this next week.
Still hooking happily on my round experiment from the previous post, had to frog some 
but I expected a bit of that since I'm making it up as I go.

Also last week had to make these for my quilt bee here

These are for Sarah's quilt, I think its gonna be a beauty.
This morning I received my mini quilt swap from Melinda as part of a mini 
quilt swap.......

Isn't it just beautiful, I think I def got the better end of the bargain here.
I love it :)
Well it has been a busy week all round but I have to say I have loved it,
I particularly enjoyed making these

Oh my these were the yummiest biscuits ever....found them over here at Sue's blog
The Quince Tree. I love her recipes.
My girls reckoned these were the best cookies they ever tasted
I agree....yum, & real simple to make.

I have one or two other smaller things on the go but I'll save them for another post
Thanks for popping by, have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx



  1. Karen, I so love the ruby pinwheels quilt. I can't wait to see it finished. Yes, I love those colors! I hopped over looked at the biscuit/cookie recipe. I will have to try these, yum! All I can say is you are one energizer bunny!!!

  2. If my wips were as pretty as yours, I might actually be motivated to finish them up! I can't choose a favorite. Enjoy your weekend. Patty

  3. Hi Karen,
    I think all of us creative types have many WIP's!!! I love your granny blanket, and your granny square quilt top too. And the Ruby pinwheels! I love that line!!
    Cookies look fabulous! Yummy!
    XO Kris

  4. Look at all those glorious WIPS!!! I love everything you do but your ruby pinwheels are making me green with envy! I hope you manage a few minutes over the weekend to work on your lovely projects.

    The weather has finally cleared up here so I'm feeling guilty that I should be weeding the poor garden instead of reading pretty blogs!

    See you again soon hon.

  5. Hi Karen!! Can I come hang out at your house? I am good at eating cookies and buying fabric :) I LOVE the Fresh Cut fabric in your granny quilt!! Happy weekend xoxo Debbie

  6. All your wip's are beautiful, Karen. Gosh! I think granny squares are the easiest thing ever to make. Can you believe it took my years to even figure out how to do them? There are some patterns out there that make everything so difficult. But when I came across one shared on Tangled Happy it all made sense. Must check out the cookie recipe. I'm in a baking mood. Take care and have a great day! Tammy

  7. Great Wips! I think it's good to have more than one thing on the go otherwise it gets boring. That's my excuse for never finishing anything anyway.
    Love your quilts, very inspiring as I'm just dipping my toe into patchwork waters!
    Have a smashing weekend!

  8. Oh my, Karen...You are such a busy lady and as usual I love everything...the colours in your crochet blanket...your beautiful quilts (I love this Heather Bailey range fresh and Summery)
    Yummy cookies...I think one of my daughters may want to try this recipe!
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  9. Lovely wips and biscuits. Mmm mmm mmmmmmm. I have lost count of all my projects! x