Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Oh Myyyyy I'm gonna be Late

Hi there its real good to be back here, typing away at my very own speed
on my very own blog after nearly two weeks away.
We had a great time, lots of fun with family & way too much 
good food (of course) & loads of  chill out time.
Now after a Mount Everest pile of laundry I finally 
have some minutes to sit & post!!!

I realised today when I was checking through some friends blogs that I 
had entered a mini quilt swap & had totally forgotten about it .......
Not good, it needs to be done  & received by my swap partner in the States
by the 15th of this month...holy cow....
Its gotta be today & tomorrow morning, then express post!!
So here's what I've done so far

Bit of a jumble at the mo, but I promise I will make it look good, I hope, I really do!!!

I'm thinking lots of hand quilting, some cute buttons & maybe a wee bit of ric rac
Oh Gosh!!!!!!
Do pray for me, won't you??????

These are cheerful though..

I lurveeeee pink flowers & they smell good too :)
Oh yes another wee tidbit
We are going to a wedding on thursday, Aidan
will officiate the ceremony, its exciting.....
I got a new dress for it today, I won't tell you the price, 
horrified myself, but in my defence we have another wedding in Oct
so it will be worn for that one too (all different people) whew!
So I gotta get this quilt done before then
Busy fingers, sore fingers, tired fingers
Ah well good food at the wedding will set that to right again
Have a lovely evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx 


  1. Looks pretty! Great fabric choices. Looking forward to the finished product...

  2. Oh goodness.. sorry you are pressed for time but I am sure it will come out very nice!

  3. Love the quilt. And pretty pink flowers!!!
    Good luck!!!

  4. Hope your fingers held up :) It looks interesting and very jolly, hope you got it all done in time. Good to hear you had a lovely time away.
    xo Sandi