Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mandala Love

Its true, I've been struck, smitten, forever head over heels for 
these wee beauties...

Sweet, lovely, not to hard to make, a dream really, 
I'm so grateful to Barbara for this great pattern & for making it available
on her blog for all to use :)
Really its been another wowsie of a week, running here, there
& everywhere.....picking up this lil cute bit of hookey was 
such a nice distraction from all the madness!!!!!

I managed to get three more made up

And  a bit of progress on the blanket (yes I know I said enough blankets, but this
one was already started) so on we goooooo....

These are sooooo my colors, girly, pastely, sugary, you know 
what I mean PINK!!
Am heading off tomorrow for a weeks break & this is coming with me

Bliss, heaven , pure relaxation, hope I get lots of crochet time, I feel
like its gonna be a real revival for me.
Hope you all have a wonderful week, will catch up
when I get back
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx


  1. the mandalas are beautiful, and I love the colours in the blanket too, loving girlie colours x

  2. Karen, you're a poet :) thank you so much for your lovely words about my pattern! And I adore the colors you've used!

  3. Those are so cute! Just lovely

  4. I love it all! So pink and girly and pretty.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  5. Love the mandalas and the blanket. The colours are so summery and it makes you happy just to look at them!

  6. Oh my goodness!! Those are soo pretty! I especially love the one edged in pink!
    I hope you have a lovely vacation!! With lots of relaxing crochet time. :0)

  7. Your blanket is very nice.. Hope you enjoy your little vacation!

  8. Oh those are so pretty!!! A great on the go project!!! Love the afghan too!!! Where are you going ?

  9. Oh my ,what gorgeous crochet ,all adorable xxxx

  10. Lovely crochet! Have a fabulous break! Tammy

  11. Love love love!!!! Have a great week. xx

  12. Have a lovely week away.....would be lovely to go off somewhere for a week of R&R&C (rest, relaxation and crochet of course) Enjoy!!
    xx Sandi

  13. Have a wonderful week away Karen.Love the mandalas,thankyou for sharing the link too,I would love to have a go.The blankets absolutley gorgeous,Hugs juliexxx

  14. I love your crochet! I've been wanting to try out that mandala pattern too. Have a great week!

  15. Wow, lovely mandalas...the colours are delicious! I love your new blanket too....enjoy your week away and your hooky time, Karen!
    Helen x

  16. Oh what pretty girlie shades you've been working with - lovely.

    Enjoy your week, crocheting and everything else!

    Fleur xx

  17. Ooh, your crochet is so pretty Karen...gorgeous colours too! I love your last pic with all that yarny goodness in your basket...
    Hope you have a lovely break,
    Susan x

  18. Something so straighforward and relatively easy that can create something so lovely. Mind you its the combination of colours that does it each time though. I'd say these favourite colours of yours were a very right choice. Sweeties!!! It just goes to show you don't have to sit at a complicated piece of crochet to produce a very attractive project.
    I am wondering if it means something that we lean towards certain colours frequently. I go for orange alot...I suppose its all to do with the psychology of colour...interesting subject :-)

    Amanda :-)

  19. Love your mandala!!! I saw the pattern on her site and love it. That's so great to see people making different ones, all are beautiful!
    Enjoy your trip and get back with many gorgeous finished projects!!!
    Best wishes, LS

  20. Hi Karen!
    Stunning! I love the colors you are using in your projects! Enjoy your holiday! I envy you :)))
    Take care
    Monica (Ansota)

  21. Good morning Karen.

    Your crochet is so beautiful. The color combinations are perfect.

  22. Could this post be any prettier??? Your mandelas are stunning and your blanket is gorgeous! You are one very talented gal aren't you!!!

    Have a fab week hon,

  23. These are such yummy pastel colors!!