Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting Back To Routine!!!!

I wonder I am the only one who finds it so hard 
getting back into the swing of things after a vacation.
I think today was the first "normal" one this week, felt good to 
get on with some routine & start to sort myself out, shake myself out
& snap out of holiday mode........
First my granny blanket has grown, not finished yet but well on the way

I think there's gonna be a scramble to see who gets this one, I'd really
like to keep it for me, but I just don't know !!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking she looks pretty possessive already.....
53 rounds done, I reckon I'll go to sixty then border it.

Had a huge pile of ironing to get done, & that after the usual chores this morning
so first I had an energy booster......Tea & cake......its my one weakness!!!

A sweet & yummy pear & almond cake, made it yesterday for sunday
dessert & had a piece stashed away for just this occasion.
I find using ground almonds instead of flour gives the moistest cake,
Give it a try, bet you could throw in a number of different types of fruit
or even some nice BIG chunky chocolate chips, oh yeah!!!
Any hoo moving rapidly on Aidan & I went elderflower picking

Now it finally feels like summer has begun, I love the smell of it & will
make several batches of delicious cordial to last
hopefully a few months, never does though we just guzzle the stuff down.
This was a batch from last year

Can't wait.......Last but not least though I won this beautiful book from Hazel
over at Quietly Stitching the week before I went to Rome.

Oh it really is lovely, I have so many ideas going around in the creative side
 of my brain

Pretty letter motifs, numbers also & some "best wishes" and others

Lots & lots of sweet flowers, I love it, thanks again Hazel xx
And thank you for visiting me here, its so good to be 
back at the blog again, next on the agenda is my best pfaff....she's a darlin
So see you soon 
Lots of love Karen 


  1. The granny blanket looks ace!!!!!

    I think I have put on weight just drooling over the cake!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

    Luv Jane XX

  2. Your new granny blanket looks gorgeous, I love the colours so much! And congratulations on winning that lovely cross stitch book too, what a nice surprise after your lovely holiday:)
    Have a great week and enjoy being 'back to normal' again!
    Helen x

  3. Oh Karen. Your blanket is so pretty!!! It looks like there will be quite a bit of sharing when it is completed. :o) I have admired your Rome trip pictures and was so fun to see you in them!! :o) That is the cutest picture of you and your husband. :o) Your dessert looks divine! And those plates!! True love. :o)
    Welcome home. I know just what you mean about getting back into the swing of things, where you feel "normal" again. Just getting that way around here too. :o) Have a great week.
    love ya, Trish xo

  4. I love your granny! And your daughter is darling!!! Cake looked yummy too!!! You should see MY pile of ironing that is staring at me from my sewing room. I keep walking by and shaking my head! How did it get so out of hand, I wonder??????
    XO Kris

  5. I've just found your lovely blog. I love your tea cup and plate! The granny blanket is looking great. Beautiful colours. I look forward to following your blog. Rachel x

  6. Oh hon your granny is looking absolutely amazing! I adore the pic of it with your beautiful girl - I think they are meant to be together!!!! The cake looks delish. Funny how I now have a mad desire to get baking.

    Have a fab week gorgeous girl.

  7. Hi, love your blanket and your daughter looks very pretty using it, I think you may lose it once it's finished! The colours are lovely. How do you manage to keep it from going wavy? If I go any more than about 8 times round on a granny square I end up with a crooked mess!

  8. The new granny looks great and so does that cross stitch book!

  9. the blanket is so warm
    i loved it mommy and tell Leah i think shes pretty too
    love you sooooooooooooo much
    Ella xxx

  10. Love the blanket and I want that cross stitch book! :) I can't wait to see what you make from it.

  11. I really like your granny blanket Karen, it makes me want to start one too! That elderflower cordial sounds interesting. How do you make it? Is it like a liqueur? There is a brand here that sells for about $30 per bottle.
    Maybe you could put some in your etsy shop haha!!

  12. That blanket is gorgeous, aren't they just the most relaxing thing to make!

  13. That blanket looks amazing- good luck deciding who gets it :-)

  14. Ooh elderflower cordial how lovely!

    I love your blanket, the colours are just so summery!

    Hope your getting back into the swing of things.
    Fleur xx

  15. Hello Karen... I am one of your new followers. I am also one who loves to crochet and I must say your blog is so lovely!! Please come visit as well if you can. Have a wonderful week! Shari

  16. Olá,!Adorei o seu blog e já estou te seguindo,quero te convidar a conhecer o meu.
    te aguardo...

  17. The granny blanket is divine, it reminds me of - yeah you guessed it My granny :)

  18. Hello Karen :) I am loving the colors in your blanket and your daughter is gorgeous all snuggled up in it. The elderflowers look so soft and fluffy, I found elderflower cordial in one of our supermarkets earlier this year, and I love it. Your Rome holiday looked wonderful, must have been a welcome change to have such beautiful blue sunny skies and warmth.
    xox Sandi