Monday, 13 October 2014

A little bit of this & that

That just about sums up my day to day at the moment.
 I spent all summer in a flurry of activity, and now, I just don't know what to do with myself.
 I've been trawling through pinterest in the hope of inspiration....not sure what I'm looking to be inspired about ......I'm just browsing I guess!!!!
Anyway as I don't have any wonderful, new, handmade, all inspiring stuff to share
I thought I'd just post some images from everyday .......just for the
sake of keeping this wee space ticking over.
Hope you don't mind?

Ever notice when you're bored & lacking that bit of "get up & go", food takes over.
I've put on four Ibs in two weeks.....that's soooooo bad, starting with
a delicious courgette cake.......seriously more YUM than carrot cake.
Then cookies, can anyone say no???????
Chocolate covered leftovers, think Laurens got a
few more JARS of these.
But on a healthy....well savoury note, some Lancashire hotpot.
Never had this before until I discovered a traditional cookbook in
our church charity shop & LO........ there it was a recipe for hotpot....meat
sauteed in butter no less!!!!
 It has lots of healthy veg too......
A very nice dinner.

I have found a project though, baby quilts, two of them, for twins, a lil girl
and a wee boy. Cute, way too cute, I loose all sense of balance
around babies. They just get me all mushy every time.
This perfect duo belong to some best friends from Israel, back in Ireland for a visit.
So two cutesy quilts coming up.

Thought I'd stick in a few snaps from the big day & my "mother
of the bride" flowers......well half of them. Had to split the bouquet in two, it was
huge. Pretty eh!!!!
Crochet bits & pieces & viola blog offering for today.
Back real soon with quilts, I'm cutting into that pretty in just about 10 mins.

Have a great week
Karen x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Post Wedding

Well the big day is over. 
What a time we had as a family!!!!!
I'm slowly shaking off tiredness & looking forward to getting back to 
a normal routine again.
Just thought I'd check in and say "HI".
Also.... wanted to post a taster of wedding pics
which I'm sure will be coming our way here at home in a 
steady stream over the next weeks.

Lauren's photographer has such a great eye & talent for 
something new & wonderful.
Mind you the wedding party had a real talent for fun....
All makes for a great image
Thanks Annie 

Back soon with hopefully some makes & more wedding photos
Lots of Love Karen x