Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Post Wedding

Well the big day is over. 
What a time we had as a family!!!!!
I'm slowly shaking off tiredness & looking forward to getting back to 
a normal routine again.
Just thought I'd check in and say "HI".
Also.... wanted to post a taster of wedding pics
which I'm sure will be coming our way here at home in a 
steady stream over the next weeks.

Lauren's photographer has such a great eye & talent for 
something new & wonderful.
Mind you the wedding party had a real talent for fun....
All makes for a great image
Thanks Annie 

Back soon with hopefully some makes & more wedding photos
Lots of Love Karen x


  1. Hi, Karen! What a fun photo! I love that house in the background with the thatched roof. Hope to "see" you again soon!

  2. This is a brilliant photo! So original! Dresses look fab too, I love the colours. Sam xx

  3. Wow lovely pic, congratulations to your daughter, they all look so beautiful,well done you on the dresses. Love that house in the background,dreamy. take care lovely,xxxx

  4. What a lovely photo, such a fun shot! The dresses look gorgeous, and I love the thatched cottage! So glad the wedding went well, and congratulations to your daughter and son in law.
    Happy week, Karen.
    Helen xox

  5. Wonderful pic Karen...bursting with happiness!!!!...Annie has really captured a very special moment in time!! The dresses look beautiful too and such a pretty thatched cottage too in the background x
    Susan x

  6. That looks like one heck of a fun wedding Karen.

    1. Oh it was so good, we all had the best time :)