Monday, 13 October 2014

A little bit of this & that

That just about sums up my day to day at the moment.
 I spent all summer in a flurry of activity, and now, I just don't know what to do with myself.
 I've been trawling through pinterest in the hope of inspiration....not sure what I'm looking to be inspired about ......I'm just browsing I guess!!!!
Anyway as I don't have any wonderful, new, handmade, all inspiring stuff to share
I thought I'd just post some images from everyday .......just for the
sake of keeping this wee space ticking over.
Hope you don't mind?

Ever notice when you're bored & lacking that bit of "get up & go", food takes over.
I've put on four Ibs in two weeks.....that's soooooo bad, starting with
a delicious courgette cake.......seriously more YUM than carrot cake.
Then cookies, can anyone say no???????
Chocolate covered leftovers, think Laurens got a
few more JARS of these.
But on a healthy....well savoury note, some Lancashire hotpot.
Never had this before until I discovered a traditional cookbook in
our church charity shop & LO........ there it was a recipe for hotpot....meat
sauteed in butter no less!!!!
 It has lots of healthy veg too......
A very nice dinner.

I have found a project though, baby quilts, two of them, for twins, a lil girl
and a wee boy. Cute, way too cute, I loose all sense of balance
around babies. They just get me all mushy every time.
This perfect duo belong to some best friends from Israel, back in Ireland for a visit.
So two cutesy quilts coming up.

Thought I'd stick in a few snaps from the big day & my "mother
of the bride" flowers......well half of them. Had to split the bouquet in two, it was
huge. Pretty eh!!!!
Crochet bits & pieces & viola blog offering for today.
Back real soon with quilts, I'm cutting into that pretty in just about 10 mins.

Have a great week
Karen x


  1. Hi Karen,lovely to see a post and everything is so pretty. I love the signs on the back of the bride and grooms chairs :)) I ve not tried courgette cake before or heard of it,I will have to google that recipie as we all love carrot cake here. I go all mushy around babies too,I just cant help it :) Take care lovely,best wishes Julie Xxxx

  2. Love catching up with all your posts! The wedding looked wonderful. x

  3. You take such gorgeous photos, I always enjoy seeing them! Love the pretties in this post!
    Have a lovely week and enjoy making those lovely little baby quilts :)
    Helen xox

  4. Beautiful wool, beautiful fabrics, beautiful flowers, beautiful pics.
    I like that kind of post that gives us sun to our day.

  5. Beautiful colors and I'm on a "Pinterest inspiration mission" too. I discovered peg dolls and may have found just what I need to fill up my fall crafting needs :)

  6. Hi hon, I have missed visiting your beautiful blog over the last year. But I'm back now and bursting to catch up on all your glorious makes. Right, now I need a large cup of tea and I'll be all set to go back through some of your posts.

    Take care,

  7. Gorgeous photos, hope all well with you and family, missing your posts, big hugs, Love Margie ❤️

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  9. you've been gone so long...hope everything is ok. Sending love and letting you know you are not forgotten xx

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