Friday, 19 May 2017

Ezra Daniel

Goodness me, how long has it been........far too long. I've found myself longing for this space again. Life seems to have gotten far too busy and out of focus. I feel I've strayed a long way from working with my hands. But no longer.....its time to go back to some of my real joys, making things I love, writing a post, interacting with blog friends I've lost contact with and browsing endlessly on your pages. I think the last time I posted was just after my daughter's wedding. A great memory and a happy, happy day. Now two and a half years along and I have the giddy excitement of introducing you to my grandson......Ezra Daniel. I'm soooooooin love it's not funny. He's too wonderful for words and right in the centre of our lives. Say hello.......
Just had to show him off. Will be back really soon. Love & hugs Karen xxxx


  1. Hello and you do have the most beautiful grandson. :)
    Anne xx