Friday, 26 May 2017

Somethings old & Somethings new

Hello again.
What a week I've had. I've discovered some of the most beautiful blogs that I had never seen before.....they now have pride of place in my list alongside some blogs I've loved FOREVER. Some of the new discoveries are sewing blogs, some are crochet. I recently read its best to stick to one main sort of theme when blogging.....for the life of me I can't seem to choose. I love so many different things,grandson love, sewing, crochet, baking, eating my baking heh heh, painting (recent addition), etc i guess my theme will be things I'm in love with!!!!!
So just want to share a few new makes & a few old makes from my blog break, also a crochet make that i started before the break and have a renewed passion for. I do solemnly swear to finish it completely within two weeks......

While i was away from here I had really lost interest in all of this, just couldn't seem to feel any kind of passion at all. Thank God its all come back. All my life I've loved to create, it was like a great big gaping hole in my heart, a weird feeling. Guess I could call it my BLUE PERIOD or something like that......ach..... sounds too dramatic!!!!!!
I'm just glad to be here again ....really glad. I've been inspired by your blogs, so big thanks to my fav creative people & to those I've yet to discover. I love your work, your style & your willingness to inspire people like me.

Hope you all have the best weekend, praying for amazing weather and new & fresh ideas
See you soon
Karen xxxxxxxx

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