Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Rainy Day Post

I love summer, I love the opportunity to soak up warm sunshine on my face. I love the days when we can picnic by the river or dip my toes in sea water at my favorite beach. I even love warm sandwiches, eaten with tea from a flask and a nice piece of leftover cake from Sunday lunch. I love watching Ella and her friends pier jump over and over again and Ezra crawl in the grass and maybe eat some daisies while he's at it. I wish the sun would shine for three whole months while school is out. 
But this is Ireland, beautiful green Ireland where we have plenty of rainy days to maintain the jewel green landscape i do so love.
So instead of moaning today and feel bugged at the rain I decided to finish a baby bag, read some of my new book (it's almost done), crochet a wee bit more on my latest mandala (pattern from Red 
Agape) a wonderful blog.......... and munch on a simple cupcake accompanied by an extra large coffee.
I'm loving mandalas at the moment, guess it's because crochet is generally slow for me, but I can hook up a mandala in a day or two if I'm not too busy. I love to see results, I love having something new to look at and show off. I love wondering where to put them, will I use them on a cushion or will I put a pretty photo frame on them. Cushions I think, I adore cushions, lots of them, sweet, colorful, soft cushions.

The rain has stopped so we might go for a walk, needing those steps, am a slouch these days. Hopefully the rain holds off, a good stretch of the legs is a must.
Wishing you all a wonderful week, praying for sunshine, loving the lazy summer holiday time despite the weather and looking forward to catching up on my fav blogs
Loads of Love Karen xxxxxx

Friday, 14 July 2017

Yep Blanket Finish At Last

I DID IT, at long last I actually finished this blanket. Started it way back HERE, quite a while ago!!! I began in colours I liked, but got a bit bored with them, so added a few I wasn't too sure about & bang that was it, I put it away cause I really DID NOT like it at all. I wasn't bothered frogging back and taking the yuk out of it, it was just plahhhhh!!!!
A few months ago however I fished it from the bottom of a much neglected crochet basket and dove right in rip it, rip it, rip it........out they came, gross horrible colours (not really, they just didn't suit the original palette). I cracked on slowly but surely, determined not to consign it again to the shady abyss of crochet basket land.
Until one day (yesterday actually) I stitched in the last loose strand of yarn. Hey heyyyyyyy I'm a happy cookie, a real sense of accomplishment. I'm not in love with the blankie or anything like that, but I do love that I finished it and I do love the fact that I didn't waste it. I think I'll keep it tucked away, save it as a gift for a friend or I know one things for sure, when Lauren sees it....."oh mom PLEASE can I have it". Couldn't think of anyone who will love it more.

Then there's this...........

Saw this blanket on this beautiful blog and started another. I think I began this about a year ago, so now that the pastel wavy one is completo, I can hook to my hearts content & finish this. I want to do at least 5 by 5 squares, 25 in all, I'm on number 14, so a wee bit to go yet. I could conceivably do one a day, but I KNOW ME.......that won't happen. But I will work away at a leisurely pace, I'll enjoy it, stitch by stitch and I, with great excitement, will tah dah the finished throw, which I will absolutely LOVE.
Crochet is a pleasure at the moment, the weather is lovely and outdoor hookery is a must. I do love to soak up every bit of sun we get, Ireland isn't exactly known for its sunshiney days, so I insist on making the most of it. I'm desperate for more, praying for weather favour, longing for it, and adoring it when it's here. Today it's here, tomorrow, who knows!!!!!!!

The weekend has begun and I'm in a relaxing mood.
I'm in the mood for family, friends, a picnic by the lake on Sunday after church, good food, elderflower cordial, a swim (maybe), grandson love and movie or two in the evenings.
Hope yours is lovely too
Loads of love Karen xxxxxxx

Thursday, 6 July 2017


The title sums up my life right now. I've called it lazy but really it's a serious lack of energy. I've been super busy for the last month between Ezra minding, house, and fund raising I feel wacked. I started grandson sitting when Lauren went back to work in April.....seriously how in God's name did i do this full time with four kids. Must have had super powers back then......def lost them though. Ezra is a super sweet lil guy, always happy, always hungry and always on the go. He started to crawl a month ago and boy has he gained mega speed in that time. He is into everything.......EVERYTHING hahaha!!!!!! It's so enjoyable but so tiring. You know I think I'm just really unfit, I need to get my act together and start walking least. That's def why i feel so sluggish. I've been a lazy sod. I'm so unfit .....oh for a shot of energy.

I have managed to do a few wee bits, a new cushion and a few more in process. I have an order for three baby bags, I will make those bags. Oh I am so determined to get it going again, I'm tired of feeling tired. I want to sew, to paint, to crochet, to clean my house properly hahaha!!!!! That's bad isn't it. Send me some strength through the net PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo what to blog about besides moaning in your ears. I started painting recently, for the first time in almost thirty years, yep thirty years. Shocking how quickly life passes by. I read an article recently about living your life to the fullest, you know the whole having no regrets, all the things you'd wish you'd done kind of article.....OH PLEASE.....I'm just about doing what I need to do. But the painting thing, for years I promised myself "I'm going to paint", so now I've started. I'm real glad too, it feels like I'm doing something I should do. Bet we all have those thing, like this one........... I used to play clarinet in an orchestra in my teens, used to love it, then didn't, then stopped. I'd love to play again.......but those clarinets, they are expensive hmmmph. So maybe not to be, but I will paint again and again and again.

Oh lookie here....... Ella, my super delicious youngest daughter, and her super amazing friend Yvonne, have just created this..........

Now that's seriously DELICIOUS Mmmmmmmmm. Cuppa tea and a nice fat slice, resuming fitness tomorrow heh heh.
Truly though, I need to do this, exercise and healthy eating...for the most part :)

Well that's my evening offering, my kind of RANT, my getting my act together talking to.
Wish me luck
Thanks for listening
Loads of love Karen xxxxxxx