Thursday, 6 July 2017


The title sums up my life right now. I've called it lazy but really it's a serious lack of energy. I've been super busy for the last month between Ezra minding, house, and fund raising I feel wacked. I started grandson sitting when Lauren went back to work in April.....seriously how in God's name did i do this full time with four kids. Must have had super powers back then......def lost them though. Ezra is a super sweet lil guy, always happy, always hungry and always on the go. He started to crawl a month ago and boy has he gained mega speed in that time. He is into everything.......EVERYTHING hahaha!!!!!! It's so enjoyable but so tiring. You know I think I'm just really unfit, I need to get my act together and start walking least. That's def why i feel so sluggish. I've been a lazy sod. I'm so unfit .....oh for a shot of energy.

I have managed to do a few wee bits, a new cushion and a few more in process. I have an order for three baby bags, I will make those bags. Oh I am so determined to get it going again, I'm tired of feeling tired. I want to sew, to paint, to crochet, to clean my house properly hahaha!!!!! That's bad isn't it. Send me some strength through the net PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo what to blog about besides moaning in your ears. I started painting recently, for the first time in almost thirty years, yep thirty years. Shocking how quickly life passes by. I read an article recently about living your life to the fullest, you know the whole having no regrets, all the things you'd wish you'd done kind of article.....OH PLEASE.....I'm just about doing what I need to do. But the painting thing, for years I promised myself "I'm going to paint", so now I've started. I'm real glad too, it feels like I'm doing something I should do. Bet we all have those thing, like this one........... I used to play clarinet in an orchestra in my teens, used to love it, then didn't, then stopped. I'd love to play again.......but those clarinets, they are expensive hmmmph. So maybe not to be, but I will paint again and again and again.

Oh lookie here....... Ella, my super delicious youngest daughter, and her super amazing friend Yvonne, have just created this..........

Now that's seriously DELICIOUS Mmmmmmmmm. Cuppa tea and a nice fat slice, resuming fitness tomorrow heh heh.
Truly though, I need to do this, exercise and healthy eating...for the most part :)

Well that's my evening offering, my kind of RANT, my getting my act together talking to.
Wish me luck
Thanks for listening
Loads of love Karen xxxxxxx


  1. WOW! Looks like you haven't taken any break at all on your painting. What talent!
    Also lovin' your cushion! Such pretty pastels surrounding by one of my favorite colors - cream. I have been trying to work on some cushions for my house. I am having trouble deciding on how I want my colors to go.
    I am running a year long Granny-Spiration Challenge, and would love if you came and linked up with us :) There’s also a yarn and crochet pattern giveaway going on right now. It can be found here:
    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots

    1. Just went and had a peek at your granny inspiration challenge, everything is so lovely. Will definitely follow along. Thanks for the invite

  2. Just found your lovely blog, beautiful stitching and painting xx