Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Apple Harvest

I've got to say I really do love Autumn.
The weather is cooling significantly, leaves are starting to fall 
& crab apples are plentiful.

Apple jelly time, making jams & jellies gives me a real homely
feeling, sort of "I'm actually a great housewife" .......NOT ......feeling!
Seriously though it is a good feeling making your own
homemade apple jelly.
Tastes pretty nice too, & quite easy to make!!

Looking forward to smothering some hot toast with it for breakfast in the 
morning.......did my grammar sound a bit wonky there, I'm 
reading back & raising an eyebrow.....just wondering?????

This week is an all out attack on the bridesmaid dresses, have a little under 
four weeks left & I want to be done in two, so its war!!!!
Sew, sew, sew.......chiffon & satin.
I hate sewing chiffon, it behaves so badly, slipping & sliding
& moving every which way it can, I'm 
boggle eyed from it.
Just to keep sane I decided to sew up a wee cushion with some scraps from 
this quilt in progress ( needs to be quilted)

Front done & I'm sane & calm again

Two inch squares, pretty & pink
I'll finish it tomorrow
Also trying to get the second bee block finished

Lovely to cut....wish the 'pain in the butt' chiffon was as easy.
Oh I can't wait to be done & to show you guys some pics 
of the dresses, they really are girly & pretty.
Will pop back soon with a tah dah or two
Also have decided what I want to do for my Bee Quilt
Can't wait to show you, have to prepare 
the fabrics to send off to the other ladies before October 1
So a busy time ahead

Thats all the waffle for today .....I think
Thanks for popping by
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy 21st Sophie

Today is the day my lil girl Sophie turns 21, its 
crazy but I remember the day she was born & it feels like 
such a short time ago, but its been 21 years almost to the hour.
Wow life sure does fly by.
Sophie's the second to reach the big 21, Lauren's now 22!!!!!
How did it all happen so fast.
Sooooo we had a great party for her at the weekend, a lot of fun 
was had with friends, family .....people we love.

I baked............

White chocolate birthday cake, boy it was rich, and rocky
roads with lots of marshmallows slurpppppp!!!!!
We indulged in so much food its embarrassing.......

Dad sang Happy Birthday...well we all did but he played guitar & danced 
by the look of the photo :)

Big blow.....21 candles...hope all your wishes come true lovely girl.
Oh it was good, real sweet & so much fun.
I think we'll do it again
Have a great evening 
lots of love Karen xxxxxxxxx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bee block

A quick pop by to show you the bee block for this month.
This one is for Cindy at http://fluffysheepquilting.blogspot.ie/, go check
out her blog, its great.
Anyway this was quite a challenge

But I think it turned out ok, I have one more to do & will post them off 
to Cindy.
October is my month & I'm soooooo excited as this is the first quilt bee 
I have ever taken part in.
Some ideas floating around in my brain & its just floating......
nothing def decided  yet.
Tonight we are celebrating Sophie's 21st so its gonna be a busy cooking/baking kind of
afternoon, then a houseload of friends eeeekkkkkk!!!!!
Wish me luck
See you soon
Lots if love Karen x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Back from Hols

Thats what I've been up to........actually not been up to, away doing 
absolutely nothing in the south of Spain.
I turned 45 last week & my darling husband took me off 
for a break in Malaga!!!!!!
Ohhhhh it was sooo nice

Beautiful sandy beaches

Palm trees for shade, I'm not a sunbathing babe..........too hot
........not me....the sun!!!!!!

Great shopping

Warm, balmy sunshine

Sandcastles....cool ain't it!!!!!!

Night time strolls & dinners :)

Even one or two cute guys heh heh!!!!!

It was so sweet out there, but it was sweet to get home.
Actually Aidan laughed at how soppy & sentimental I am about home.
As we were flying back into Cork i got teary eyed at how beautiful Ireland really is, I 
get so excited when I see all those green fields, guess I'm just an Irish lass at heart.
Hope to get back to some creative makes real soon
And some blog catching up......with you guys of course

Lots of love Karen x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Squeezing in some happy crafts

I'm a sad puppy when I can't craft 'a lot'.
I love to be making pretty things, crafty things, things that make me smile 
with satisfaction, all this roman blind making is
wrecking my peace!!!!!!
Not really, but I do miss being able to sew or crochet freely.
I have managed to squeeze in some bits though,
these bee blocks for instance

Enjoyed piecing these together for Agnes, lovely fabrics that
she sent made the job a pleasure.
Have also been able to do some more scrappy blocks

Love working on these, not my usual type of quilt but I feel it's like a whole new me!!!!
The freedom of just sewing scraps of cute color together.......
sheer joy!!!!

Am liking scrappiness :) 

On the hookey side.....I'm sooooo inspired by this Lady at Cocorose Diaries & the 
beautiful blanket in the post I've linked to.....

so I'm aiming for one, maybe two a day....five to six weeks 
to tah dah

More  loviness feelings, they remind me of Dahlias
One of my favorite flowers which by the way I never seem to be able to grow.
They die .......every single time I've planted a Dahlia...........
It DIED !!!!! What!!!!!
Still love em though

There's something soft & marshmallowy about them
Yes marshmallowy IS most definitely a word

A marshmallowy............... cup of hot choc Yummmmmm
Think I'll indulge.
 Am about to watch North & South (Patrick Swayze)
Its one of those indulging type series, so chocolate with pink marshmallows
& a slice of this.....Perfect!!!!

Want some ?????????
Whipped cream toooooooo.......
Can you tell I'm sick of calorie watching & exercise,
Just for one day 
Love you lots
Have a sweet evening
Karen xxxx