Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Apple Harvest

I've got to say I really do love Autumn.
The weather is cooling significantly, leaves are starting to fall 
& crab apples are plentiful.

Apple jelly time, making jams & jellies gives me a real homely
feeling, sort of "I'm actually a great housewife" .......NOT ......feeling!
Seriously though it is a good feeling making your own
homemade apple jelly.
Tastes pretty nice too, & quite easy to make!!

Looking forward to smothering some hot toast with it for breakfast in the 
morning.......did my grammar sound a bit wonky there, I'm 
reading back & raising an eyebrow.....just wondering?????

This week is an all out attack on the bridesmaid dresses, have a little under 
four weeks left & I want to be done in two, so its war!!!!
Sew, sew, sew.......chiffon & satin.
I hate sewing chiffon, it behaves so badly, slipping & sliding
& moving every which way it can, I'm 
boggle eyed from it.
Just to keep sane I decided to sew up a wee cushion with some scraps from 
this quilt in progress ( needs to be quilted)

Front done & I'm sane & calm again

Two inch squares, pretty & pink
I'll finish it tomorrow
Also trying to get the second bee block finished

Lovely to cut....wish the 'pain in the butt' chiffon was as easy.
Oh I can't wait to be done & to show you guys some pics 
of the dresses, they really are girly & pretty.
Will pop back soon with a tah dah or two
Also have decided what I want to do for my Bee Quilt
Can't wait to show you, have to prepare 
the fabrics to send off to the other ladies before October 1
So a busy time ahead

Thats all the waffle for today .....I think
Thanks for popping by
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx


  1. Cant wait to see the dresses Karen,the quilt is gorgeous.I've never heard of apple jelly before,I bet its yummy,enjoy.Xxxx

  2. Very pretty fabrics! I love homemade jam, luckily my sister is a fab cook, it's not my best skill! Ada :)

  3. Those apples and apple jelly look so good!!
    Chiffon is always a pain!!!
    : ) Kris

  4. The apple jelly looks so delicious! Your patchwork is very pretty. I hope the chiffon behaves well for you and you soon finish the dresses....looking forward to seeing them :)
    Helen x

  5. Oh my heavens you do sound busy - lots of projects on the go! Apple jelly sounds and looks yummy.
    Loving these pretty fabrics in your quilt!
    Gill xx

  6. Crab apple jelly sounds delicious. Hope your bridesmaids dresses turn out alright. I hate sewing with anything shiny, it's got a mind of it's own hasn't it! Debbie.