Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy Week Down !!!!

S'right it was a busy one.......
One bridesmaid's dress down, two more to go...
Four roman blinds completed, four more to do............
And just for a bit of satisfying chill out crochet time
one wee cushion finished.....

A simple picot edging & a nice injection of sweet colour in my 
living room....makes me smile :)
Crochet cushions really are quick & easy to make
A sense of achievement in days.

Also I wanted to give you a glimpse of the dress
Think I'd be strung up if I gave a complete reveal.....
Just in case !!!

I know its not much but I was dying to show a little piece
Will def post pics after the wedding
Can't wait to see it on (hope it all fits just right)

Hope you all have the best weekend
Thanks for dropping by
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I never thought I'd finish this one

Do you know I can't remember when I actually started this blanket
but it feels like a long time ago.
I must check my archives to see.....but yayyyyyy its done now
& in situ in my bedroom.
I have to say it most def is NOT my fav, guess I'm just glad I'm done 
with's a few peeks

I like it here on the back of my bed,
feels restful & dreamy & matches the colours there.
Isn't it so satisfying to have your own makes around the house
makes it all so personal & imperfect in the nicest way!!!!

So whats next.......I'm thinking a nice shawl.
Have two weddings coming up & would love a dreamy soft feminine 
wrap to wear with the dresses I have for them.
If anyone knows some good pattern links I'd sure would
be grateful.
First dress fittings today, always make up a trial top of the dress
in some cheap fabric first to make sure of the fit (learnt that in college,
my technical tutor was a stickler for a perfect fit).
Old habits die hard I think.
Its always funny though to see the reaction of the wearer....
& I have to reassure them that I know it looks like 
nothing & not to get excited....but the REAL dress will
actually look like a dress!!!!
The first one has to be done by this time next week, the 
Bride is from Latvia & her sister is here for another week 
sooooooooo dress number one coming up fast.

Anyway the weekend is here & I have friends 
coming for dinner tomorrow, desserts need to be 
made, veggies have to be peeled & chopped, plus 
I promised a nice pasta dish for dinner today, fresh tomatoes & herbs
are waiting to be thrown together

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Checking in !!!!!

Well I think I've just had my longest break ever from my blog, not out of choice mind you!!
I've had a pretty hectic few weeks & there is no let up for a lotta 
weeks yet. I have a big order of far too large roman blinds to get ready for the end of the month, 
also Aidan's nephew is getting married in Oct & lo & behold his lovely fiance asked 
me to make the bridesmaid dresses, three of them........for the end of Sept....
Waaaaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaa, no pressure eh!!!!!!!!
There's more after that........I won't bore you with the details, but it does mean 
a lot less time to quilt & crochet & blog :(

Anyway I have managed to almost finish my pinky, purple,beige.....

border complete just ten minutes ago

I'm gonna sew in my threads & then show it to you properly.
I do relish the thought of all those threads....anyone like to volunteer ?????
No......just thought I'd ask ;)
A wee cushion on the go also, at least I think it'll be a cushion
might get carried away & make another blanket

Have made up the backing for my pinwheel quilt

actually got to snap it on a good day....weirdest summer ever
weather's been going from this

to this

overnight, then back again.....I had huge pools in my gardens two days ago
Wow I tell you the downpour was torrential
Winter time is dryer. Ah well we have had a few days of great sunshine 
so we're pretty content with that.

Received this in the post......

Oh its such a lovely book, I can see myself taking so much
inspiration from this one

isn't it a peach, now i just need to find the time.
Well that's my catch up, will be back in a day or two with the finished blanket.
Also want to catch up with your blogs
Hope you all have a great weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx