Friday, 24 August 2012

Busy Week Down !!!!

S'right it was a busy one.......
One bridesmaid's dress down, two more to go...
Four roman blinds completed, four more to do............
And just for a bit of satisfying chill out crochet time
one wee cushion finished.....

A simple picot edging & a nice injection of sweet colour in my 
living room....makes me smile :)
Crochet cushions really are quick & easy to make
A sense of achievement in days.

Also I wanted to give you a glimpse of the dress
Think I'd be strung up if I gave a complete reveal.....
Just in case !!!

I know its not much but I was dying to show a little piece
Will def post pics after the wedding
Can't wait to see it on (hope it all fits just right)

Hope you all have the best weekend
Thanks for dropping by
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx


  1. That pillow is gorgeous and the border is so neat! What a beautiful dress as well. The color is so fresh!

  2. Hi Karen,such beautiful makes,so pretty,well done! I hope your well?have a great weekend,love julieXxx

  3. Those pretty colors make me smile ♥

  4. A really sweet cushion :D I love the colour of the dress. I bet it's stunning

  5. I love the pillows. I haven't crocheted any yet, but sure want to. I guess that will be my next endeavor.

  6. Your crochet cushions are beautiful. You have had a busy week, but busy is good, right?! :)
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Anne xx

  7. Phew you've been a busy lady! The cushion is gorgeous and so is the colour of the sneeky peek. X

  8. Can't wait to see....lovely cushion! Ada :)

  9. You are on a roll! The color of the dress is lovely. And your cushion is so pretty. I should make more as they are so easy to whip up. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  10. Your cushion is beautiful. I love the edging, it makes it really special!

  11. I love the the cushion mom its so cool
    The dress is awesome :D
    Ella xx
    PS i love you

  12. A rainbow in your living room indeed. Is really very beautiful

  13. Your cushions are so scrumptious! I love the edging! Can't wait to see all of that lovely dress!

  14. You are amazing! Amongst all that work you still whip up a cushion!!! I love it. Have a fab week hon.

  15. I cannot wait to see the dress. You have my utmost admiration. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to sew clothing. Armholes and necklines and ZIPPERS!!! Love your are amazing!! xoxo Debbie

  16. Hermoso Trabajo. Saludos desde Argentina

  17. Ooooh... so pretty colors of cushions! I'm ashamed, Karen, but I stole from you a combination of these colors to make myself the same lovely cushions!
    Olga ♥

  18. What a lovely shade of color for a bridesmaid to wear! Your crochet cushion looks so sweetly happy to have its beautifully colorful border. You are so good!

  19. Love your cushions Karen and the colour of the bridesmaid's dress is just are so clever!
    Happy sewing!
    Susan x

  20. Hello Karen,
    How do you manage to do all that it so little time?

    It was practically only a few days ago when you commented here that you had to make up the bridesmaids dresses among other things for a wedding.
    Do you sleep?
    and the cushions Karen once again gorgeous....
    will be watching out for the pics of the completed dresses to be something fantastic with that colour.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  21. You have some serious hooky eye candy going on here! Love the pillows and the picot!

  22. I love those Cushions! Simply beautiful.

  23. Beautiful cushions, Karen.....the colours are delicious! And the peek of the dress looks are so clever! Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen x