Thursday, 16 August 2012

Checking in !!!!!

Well I think I've just had my longest break ever from my blog, not out of choice mind you!!
I've had a pretty hectic few weeks & there is no let up for a lotta 
weeks yet. I have a big order of far too large roman blinds to get ready for the end of the month, 
also Aidan's nephew is getting married in Oct & lo & behold his lovely fiance asked 
me to make the bridesmaid dresses, three of them........for the end of Sept....
Waaaaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaa, no pressure eh!!!!!!!!
There's more after that........I won't bore you with the details, but it does mean 
a lot less time to quilt & crochet & blog :(

Anyway I have managed to almost finish my pinky, purple,beige.....

border complete just ten minutes ago

I'm gonna sew in my threads & then show it to you properly.
I do relish the thought of all those threads....anyone like to volunteer ?????
No......just thought I'd ask ;)
A wee cushion on the go also, at least I think it'll be a cushion
might get carried away & make another blanket

Have made up the backing for my pinwheel quilt

actually got to snap it on a good day....weirdest summer ever
weather's been going from this

to this

overnight, then back again.....I had huge pools in my gardens two days ago
Wow I tell you the downpour was torrential
Winter time is dryer. Ah well we have had a few days of great sunshine 
so we're pretty content with that.

Received this in the post......

Oh its such a lovely book, I can see myself taking so much
inspiration from this one

isn't it a peach, now i just need to find the time.
Well that's my catch up, will be back in a day or two with the finished blanket.
Also want to catch up with your blogs
Hope you all have a great weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx


  1. I was missing you so I'm happy you checked in! Your blanket is lovely.....beautiful colors! I love the photo of your yard. It has been so long since we've seen rain!

  2. Everything looks lovely! You are a very busy bee! Ada :)

  3. hello Karen
    groan!!!! lovely quilts. Did you make the one your daughter is on under the sheet. I like that one too!
    I hate to say I've just finished off sorting a load of thread ends on some granny squares and also on the shawl I've just finished. I feel totally thread ends saturated at present! tiresome task! Sorrry!
    Gorgeous fresh bright colours makes a fantastic blanket!!! Well done!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    PS: posted it on a previous post before sorry!

  4. Your blanket looks beautiful! Nice to see you back : )

  5. Karen, so happy to see you back, what a load of work you have, just shows what a wonderful job you do. Oh your weather has been quite weird has it not! I wonder how nice your Autumn will be. Our winter has been very wet, after years of drought, mind you I am well ready for Spring.
    Take care and pace yourself.
    xox Sandi

  6. Oh serious crochet envy, loving the quilts too, beautiful work, love Posie

  7. PS lovely to meet you, i'm a mummy of 3 girls with one boy at the end, they all LOVE quilting too, yay, & can totally crochet, love Posie

  8. I love the blanket mommy
    You've got the best skills ever !!!
    Love you
    Ella xxxxx

  9. Hi there busy lady!! Your blanket is so pretty!! Happy sewing and I would love to see the bridesmaid dresses!! xoxo Debbie

  10. Hi Karen! The colors combination of your "pinky, purple,beige....." is just amazing! I love it! As well as the border! But more I like your quilts (one of them I see on the picture) because I can't make such.
    Have a sunny weekend!

  11. Hello Karen..So much crafty loveliness here as always!...Your crochet blanket is so pretty....I love those colours (I'm feelings those pangs of crochet envy again I'm afraid!)and I'm going to have to resist the lovely quilt book...well, I will try anyway...It does look very lovely indeed!
    Hope you are having a good week,
    Susan x

  12. Wow hon you are a busy girl! I absolutely love your blanket - and the border is soooooo pretty. Do you think anyone enjoys those pesky ends? It's the worst bit isn't it!! I hope your weekend is sunny. It's pouring down here but hopefully it will stop soon. It's a good excuse to avoid weeding the garden - again. It is great weather to visit a wool shop and start a new blanket however!!!

    Have a fab weekend hon. Have fun with all those blinds and dresses.

  13. love you so much mommy
    Ella Xx