Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cushion Love

At last an opportunity to blog, sometimes I feel my 
days & weeks fly by so very quickly
I'm wishing & wanting it all to stand still
just for a while. 
My oldest daughter is 23 & I remember the 
day she was born like it was yesterday.
Wow make every day count, make every moment 
together be special, because it really is.
We just don't it all feel go by.
I appreciate this time to catch up with you guys
I still browse my favourite blogswhen I can't post
 get inspired, laugh at some 
of the funny things, cried today at some sad things but
am always blessed & in awe of you.

Anyway have managed a wee bit of creativity over the last week or two
I love cushions & will probably make many, many more
in the years to come & yeah even over the next 
few months on the run up to Christmas
They sure make great pressies

New pincuhions for new pins for my new sewing room

Not at all fancy, simple wee designs, 
 I'm experimenting really

Lauren bought me the cute heart pins.....she certainly has an eye for cuteness

A few full size for my hallway, soft & pretty

Hearts & crochet
Oh my goodness the crochet one gave me 
so much bother....all my own fault of course
didn't count stiches properly on the second side & ended up 
ripping it back completely......major pain !!!!!!

Flowers to pretty it up & a simple border to finish
I love it 

Am halfway through the next this time
relaxing calming colour'

Had to indulge my cake craving too
A biscuit from a packet just doesn't do it for me
has to be home made goodies
Thank God for recipe can read

Date bars....oh my lord they were good
Thank you Rachel Allen........ LOVE your cook books
Ate two.......want more.....but will have to restrain myself till tomorrow

Feet up now, got some Classic Costume Dramas today
Sooooooo its tv, sleep, then date bars for breakfast ....heh heh!!!

Thanks for stopping by
Have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxx

Thursday, 10 October 2013


These literally take ten minutes from start to finish
Got the recipe from Thiis Book
Some of the yummiest cookies ever

Trouble is you could quite easily munch your way through 5 or 10
in one sitting
Had some with raspberry fool & of course 
a cuppa coffee

Have a lovely evening Karen x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Crochet, crochet, crochet........

Now that I have my hand back in full swing again, its crochet 
all the way. I'm not overdoing it but I am 
most definitely enjoying the freedom of one of my fav pastimes
as much as I can.
My blanket will get done slowly.....I just know it ....but
in the meantime lots of wooley goodness in smaller makes

Pretty up the sewing room with flowers
Its a real pleasure to hook up some smaller project for 
quick results & encouragement for the bigger makes
Kinda spurs you on .....doesn't it!!!!

More Doilies.....can never have enough.

Might start keeping some for christmas pressies.....(much later)
A set of four or six would make a nice wee gift
I love giving homemade as much as I can/

Some blanket hooking tonight I think....don't want to 
neglect it again. I'll aim for Christmas on that too 
I think......fingers crossed!!!!!

Off now to browse your lovely blogs....yes my evenings all set
Have a nice one
Lots of love Karen x

Monday, 7 October 2013

A Sewing Room......At Last

After 23 years of raising girls, decorating bedrooms & sewing 
up pretty bits & pieces for them, two of my girls
have set up their own wee nest.
Lauren & Sophie are sharing a real nice 
apartment together, its a 2 min walk from my it feels like they haven't gone anywhere.
As a result I have a spare room.......a room to do
whatever I want with, sooooooo
obviously I opted to have my very own 
sewing room. Oh my gosh a room to work in.
A room that doesn't need to be cleared every evening for dinner.
I have been using my dining table for so 
long now that I'm finding the prospect of my own
workspace almost dreamlike!!!!!
Anyway lots to be done, I have painted & wallpapered
so far & am dying to show you my WIP

Found this roll in a remnant basket at Laura Ashley....6euro
Absolute bargain. I papered one wall & even had enough to paper 
a small feature wall on my tiny landing.
Ohhhhhh its just such a pretty, cheerful sweet pattern.
Makes me smile getting up in the morning, 
walking past it on my way down the stairs to brew up
 my first coffee of the day.

Little pressie from Lauren for my NEW ROOM
Still quite a bit to do so I'll wait to show you the rest when its finished
Eeeeeeekkkk can't wait.

This is my other project for the next few days
A quilt to quilt......its been thrown
aside for soooooooo very long, so this 
morning I finally got myself into the nearest
fabric shop for wadding & backing fabric.

I'm loving the spots, hope it adds a nice twist to the 
overwhelmingly pink granny square quilt top.
Back (hopefully) in a few days with 
a finish.

I've enjoyed so much catching up with you over the 
last few days.....made me realise how 
much I missed you all.
Blogging really does become a lovely part of 
your life & I'm glad I've started up again
Thanks for your always great to hear from you
Have a sweet week
Lots of love Karen X

Friday, 4 October 2013

Trying Again

I have missed blogging so very much, but a few months 
out was a must for me this year.
Its been a hectic summer & a busy autumn start
I've hardly had time to scratch.
Also my crochet, sewing hand has been incredibly sore for months.
I was real worried as to the problem, so after a brief GP visit & some
 strengthening exercises its all good again.
I haven't crocheted for months, not much sewing either
so now I'm so excited about getting to finish somebits & pieces I started 
way back in May, yes thats the last 
time I onward at last!!!!!!!

There photos were taken in May back when I thought it was time to use 
up the far too many different colours of yarn in my possesion......
& there are many, way too many.
Anyway in the last few days I've managed to bring the number of squares
up to 100. These are small three round squares
& I want to make a good size blanket, I'm thinking
300 squares or so.....does that sound about right?????
So lots to do, but its so good to be able to crochet again
I sure did miss it.
Also to get me back in the saddle I hooked up some
pretty doilies just to nibble up my fingers.

I love how they look around the home....random touches of 
prettiness here & there.......
little glimpses of color with cups of coffee
crunchy cookies & my favourite yankee candle

I think I need at least five or ten more.

Some new fabrics to play with not to mention the two 
quilts I need to  finish....all in good time

Did however not neglet the art of baking & of course eating
said baked goods....not alone though.

But my absolute highlight of the last few months was
Sophie's graduation from university

I felt so proud, such a great day.
She's a titch just like her mom, maybe an inch taller
but no more than that.

I have so much catching up to do, not just on projects 
but with all your blogs...i have missed it all 

Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of love Karen x