Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cushion Love

At last an opportunity to blog, sometimes I feel my 
days & weeks fly by so very quickly
I'm wishing & wanting it all to stand still
just for a while. 
My oldest daughter is 23 & I remember the 
day she was born like it was yesterday.
Wow make every day count, make every moment 
together be special, because it really is.
We just don't it all feel go by.
I appreciate this time to catch up with you guys
I still browse my favourite blogswhen I can't post
 get inspired, laugh at some 
of the funny things, cried today at some sad things but
am always blessed & in awe of you.

Anyway have managed a wee bit of creativity over the last week or two
I love cushions & will probably make many, many more
in the years to come & yeah even over the next 
few months on the run up to Christmas
They sure make great pressies

New pincuhions for new pins for my new sewing room

Not at all fancy, simple wee designs, 
 I'm experimenting really

Lauren bought me the cute heart pins.....she certainly has an eye for cuteness

A few full size for my hallway, soft & pretty

Hearts & crochet
Oh my goodness the crochet one gave me 
so much bother....all my own fault of course
didn't count stiches properly on the second side & ended up 
ripping it back completely......major pain !!!!!!

Flowers to pretty it up & a simple border to finish
I love it 

Am halfway through the next this time
relaxing calming colour'

Had to indulge my cake craving too
A biscuit from a packet just doesn't do it for me
has to be home made goodies
Thank God for recipe can read

Date bars....oh my lord they were good
Thank you Rachel Allen........ LOVE your cook books
Ate two.......want more.....but will have to restrain myself till tomorrow

Feet up now, got some Classic Costume Dramas today
Sooooooo its tv, sleep, then date bars for breakfast ....heh heh!!!

Thanks for stopping by
Have the best weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxx


  1. I absolutely love date bars! I always have to stop myself from eating way too many at a time. They are really a favorite. YUM. I haven't had one since last Christmas. Hmm... ;)

  2. Your pincushions are adorable! So pretty and the coloured pins look lovely. Your crochet is always stunning, you make such lovely things.
    Helen x

  3. Love your crochet cushion and the pin cushions are gorgeous. Date bars for breakfast sounds yummy! xx

  4. Oh, I do love your pin cushions. So bright and pretty. And such a lovely idea for a pressie (time to start thinking about those Xmas pressies too).

  5. Oh Karen you are so creative, and your pieces are all finished to perfection, so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for visiting Margie's crafts and giving your words of support and love, I really appreciate your care, I finally figured out how to leave comments on blogs using my phone, big hugs to you and yours and you are so right cherish every moment as time goes so fast, my eldest daughter is 29 and my baby is 25. Margie ❤️