Monday, 7 October 2013

A Sewing Room......At Last

After 23 years of raising girls, decorating bedrooms & sewing 
up pretty bits & pieces for them, two of my girls
have set up their own wee nest.
Lauren & Sophie are sharing a real nice 
apartment together, its a 2 min walk from my it feels like they haven't gone anywhere.
As a result I have a spare room.......a room to do
whatever I want with, sooooooo
obviously I opted to have my very own 
sewing room. Oh my gosh a room to work in.
A room that doesn't need to be cleared every evening for dinner.
I have been using my dining table for so 
long now that I'm finding the prospect of my own
workspace almost dreamlike!!!!!
Anyway lots to be done, I have painted & wallpapered
so far & am dying to show you my WIP

Found this roll in a remnant basket at Laura Ashley....6euro
Absolute bargain. I papered one wall & even had enough to paper 
a small feature wall on my tiny landing.
Ohhhhhh its just such a pretty, cheerful sweet pattern.
Makes me smile getting up in the morning, 
walking past it on my way down the stairs to brew up
 my first coffee of the day.

Little pressie from Lauren for my NEW ROOM
Still quite a bit to do so I'll wait to show you the rest when its finished
Eeeeeeekkkk can't wait.

This is my other project for the next few days
A quilt to quilt......its been thrown
aside for soooooooo very long, so this 
morning I finally got myself into the nearest
fabric shop for wadding & backing fabric.

I'm loving the spots, hope it adds a nice twist to the 
overwhelmingly pink granny square quilt top.
Back (hopefully) in a few days with 
a finish.

I've enjoyed so much catching up with you over the 
last few days.....made me realise how 
much I missed you all.
Blogging really does become a lovely part of 
your life & I'm glad I've started up again
Thanks for your always great to hear from you
Have a sweet week
Lots of love Karen X


  1. Wow - that wallpaper is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Maria x

  2. Sew pleased you're back and the making hand is mended! Lovely Graduation photo too. Looking forward to seeing lots of creativity in your new room.
    (btw...I'm also a Karen x)

  3. How lovely to have a spare room, I know I have one which I've turned into my sewing/craft room. However two weeks ago Lovely son #3 left for Uni so now I have another bigger already has a spinning wheel in it LOL!

  4. Oh Karen, you will LOVE having your own space to create in!! I know I sure do!! And best of luck to your girls. I bet they are excited as can be!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Your sewing room is absolutley charming!! How excited you must be. :0)

  6. So wonderful to ave your own room! Looking forward to seeing your projects

  7. How exciting to have your very own sewing room. I love, love, love the wallpaper and for a bargain price too, clever you. :) Looking forward to seeing the progress.
    Anne xx