Tuesday, 28 February 2012


All I can say is please do enter........

This is up for grabs
And this

And prob one or two other lil gifts, I'll put them together over the next day or two 
& show them before I pick a winner.
Usual type of giveaway rules.........
You must be a follower....actually lets see if I can reach 100 followers
And you must leave a comment.
I will also share this on facebook to open it to some friends there.

So best of luck.
I'm off now to finish off some new cushion covers I've been doing for my dining chairs
What do you think......

Four more to go, also I'm trying to decide on wheather or not I should 
paint my chairs.....cream of course....WELL??????
Yea or nay??????

Anyway have a great day
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Beautiful County Kerry

           Hi there I've been so busy this week, doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying our anniversary
break. We go away every year for a wee break...NO KIDS.....just us!!!!
I just love Kerry in south west Ireland, thats the destination every feb for a 
few days to ourselves.
We stay in the same guest house in Dingle, and just walk, eat, explore, relax..........!!!!

I took a few shots to show you just how beautiful this part of Ireland is....despite the rain!!!

Slea Head....

The Gap of Dunloe

Inch Beach

The Emerald Isle!!!!

Even when the skies are grey its always green :D
Hope you enjoy the photos, these are just a small handful...way too many to post.

Also on a different note I will be having a giveaway in the next day 
or two, tune in & see.........
Have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxxx 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

LOVE IS .........

Love is family & home & all we do 
Making special little Valentine treats

Mini cupcakes...all twenty four were eaten in record time
They just LOVE Mom's baking......

LOVE shaped shortbread iced cookies
& a wee gift for each of my girls cause I LOVE them....

Flowers for me cause he LOVES me xxxxxxx

A special homecooked dinner cause I LOVE him.....
A sweet LOVELY day!!!!!!

LOVE you guys xxxxx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Trying out some patchy pieces

Hi there do you feel Spring in the air......I wish!!!!
Its on my kitchen window sill though, sweet lovely daffodils.
And to make it seem even more Spring like
Pretty pinwheels & experimenting with pieces

I'm in the "process" of putting together a pinwheel quilt from my ruby charm packs,
18 down, 7 to go then its sew, sew, sew & sandwich & quilt & bind & ........phew!!!!!
Its a gettin there though, I reckon it'll be so springy lookin :D
Also another lil cushion in there, do you see it, the tiny triangle 
piecing, i've always been pretty basic with my quilting, so these are a bit of a challenge, 
nice one though!!!!

Another notebook holder...

Love these, so cute & usable.....best of both worlds.
Oh my I'm off Sophie has just put a plate of home made fudge in front of me.......
I'm Ruined.....Finished.......expanding by the mouthful!!!!
Lots of love Karen xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Using What I Have.......

You know that temptation to buy new fabric or new yarn :D
Well I'm fighting hard at the moment, not to give in to it, especially after 
a post I saw on  this blog, I was inspired to resist.
Scraps coming out of my ears, more bits of yarn than ever, soooo
"lets get using them up" otherwise the stash will build & build & will most 
deinitely take over my home.....scarey thought
Ok so here's what I'm up to...

Flower cushion.....of Attic 24.....crochet of course

A scrappy notebook holder.....

inspired by this one, not quite as decorative but pretty I think?????
Will do some more of these, lots more....
there's a lot of scraps!!!!!

And of course i just had to start another blanket, I gave the other one to 
a very special friend who needed some cheering up.

I'm in love with the colors, i absolutely love a soft palette

Good ol granny squares joining as i go......I really do not like the whole putting it all together at the end so this method suits me sooo much better :D
I'm happy, my hubbies happy (not spending) the house is happy...
Happy mums & dads keep the home running smoothly :D

I'm off to do some cross stitch ......slow project, will share some when it begins to
look like something :S
Hope you all have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

ps   if there are any good scrappy ideas out there I would love to know some???????

Sunday, 5 February 2012


No big explanations, just listen..........

What an amazing beautiful song & ohhhh what a voice !!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ripple at Last

Oh I woke up this morning to a dry frosty day, it was just glorious...
lots of sun streaming in my windows, cold but lovely.
I'd forgotten the sun, we've had so much rain this winter, the light
was so welcome. 

I had great plans, clean my house....done
Bake some cookies....done

This is all that remains after ten minutes out of the oven.......
No it wasn't just me....I had a lot of munching help, there was about 25 
cookies made............three in the photo & now zero.
They were divine oatie shortbread cookies Yum!!!

Plan number three was one I'd been anxiously waiting to do...
tidy up my garden, potplants, hanging baskets,
veggie patch, oh boy I was determined & all set to go
when.........12.00 noon two phone calls
Ella was sick & needed to be picked up from school
Beth was also sick & needed to come home also!!!!!!
My poor kids.............................. my poor garden.
They came first.....chicken soup & lots of love.

So instead today I got to sit indoors & finish my ripple blankie
I love it .......

Simple border

Two rounds of shells & two rounds of single crochet, I tend to prefer a simple border!

I'm thinking of putting it in the shop, what do you think, are blankets selling 
online or do people prefer to do their own.
Think I'll give it a try & see.
Speaking of shops, I had my first sale on Tuesday, 
am incredibly chuffed Yippee!!!!!
All in all its been a good week, the girls are feeling a lot 
better, TLC is a great cure. 
Will have to wait to see how they are in the morning, but i reckon they'll be home for the day again!!

Am going to join Ella now on the sofa & listen to a music dvd I got in the post earlier 
in the week. 
Its two vocal bands together called the Gaithers & Ernie Haase & signature sound
Not my usual type of music but these guys are amazing....WOW!!!!!
Lots of love Karen xxxx