Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ripple at Last

Oh I woke up this morning to a dry frosty day, it was just glorious...
lots of sun streaming in my windows, cold but lovely.
I'd forgotten the sun, we've had so much rain this winter, the light
was so welcome. 

I had great plans, clean my house....done
Bake some cookies....done

This is all that remains after ten minutes out of the oven.......
No it wasn't just me....I had a lot of munching help, there was about 25 
cookies made............three in the photo & now zero.
They were divine oatie shortbread cookies Yum!!!

Plan number three was one I'd been anxiously waiting to do...
tidy up my garden, potplants, hanging baskets,
veggie patch, oh boy I was determined & all set to go
when.........12.00 noon two phone calls
Ella was sick & needed to be picked up from school
Beth was also sick & needed to come home also!!!!!!
My poor kids.............................. my poor garden.
They came first.....chicken soup & lots of love.

So instead today I got to sit indoors & finish my ripple blankie
I love it .......

Simple border

Two rounds of shells & two rounds of single crochet, I tend to prefer a simple border!

I'm thinking of putting it in the shop, what do you think, are blankets selling 
online or do people prefer to do their own.
Think I'll give it a try & see.
Speaking of shops, I had my first sale on Tuesday, 
am incredibly chuffed Yippee!!!!!
All in all its been a good week, the girls are feeling a lot 
better, TLC is a great cure. 
Will have to wait to see how they are in the morning, but i reckon they'll be home for the day again!!

Am going to join Ella now on the sofa & listen to a music dvd I got in the post earlier 
in the week. 
Its two vocal bands together called the Gaithers & Ernie Haase & signature sound
Not my usual type of music but these guys are amazing....WOW!!!!!
Lots of love Karen xxxx


  1. Karen, it's so pretty! And well done on your first sale - I know money isn't everything, but there is something about the idea of someone liking your makes so much they'll pay for them!
    I've loved seeing the sun too. I flung open the windows, and so the house is fresh as a daisy :)
    Jane x

  2. Congratulations on your first sale! The ripple is beautiful, I love the colours. I'm thinking of setting up an Etsy shop as well xxx

  3. What a lovely blanket, the edging is just right. I agree, simpler is usually better!

  4. The blanket is beautiful, well done. Don't you just wanna keep it though?

    Hope your littlies are feeling better soon.

    Helen xx

  5. Your ripple blanket is gorgeous - I love it! Not sure how you can bear to sell it..!!
    Maria x

  6. Hi Karen! Hope your girlies are feeling better! And congrats on your first sale!!!! That is always a happy dance moment! The ripple is gorgeous, how could you bear to sell it?? xoxo Debbie

  7. your ripple is so soft, floaty and dreamy looking- I love it!
    Congratulations on your first sale- woo hoo

  8. Those colours are fabulous Karen, if your poorly girls don't need it you should definitely put it in your shop! Congratulations on your first sale, it's exciting isn't it, I sold one of my crochet cushions in my Folksy shop just before Christmas, let me tell you there was much whooping and talk of 'tax havens' LOL!

  9. Hi Karen, Your ripple blanket is beautiful, the colours and the edging, all perfect. I don't think I could part with such a beautiful blanket if I had made it. Congratulations on your first sale. Very exciting!
    I hope your little ladies are feeling better.
    Anne xx

  10. Your blanket is absolutely stunning hon! I love the border, it really finishes it off beautifully. Although it does make me feel completely slack, the fact I didn't put a border on mine! When I first saw your biscuit picture I thought you'd made Mickey Mouse shaped cookies - then I realised it was actually 3 - talk about blonde!!! Hope everyone is feeling better now hon. Have a fab weekend. L xx Oooh almost forgot - huge congrats for your first sale - that's truly fantastic and inspirational. Well done!

  11. Karen your ripple blanket is divine!! I have one going at the moment in very similar colours....I may need to contact you re some help when I get to the border....yours looks great. Hope the girls are better soon. I have two daughters unwell at the moment too....Congrats on your first inspiring!!!
    Anny :)

  12. I love your ripple, Karen! It's so pretty. Very spring-like colors. Gorgeous!

  13. Hi Karen, congretulation that you sale your first item!
    Hope the Kids are o.k. now? Chickeb soup is the best. Have a lovely weekend Nicole xxx

  14. I'm so happy I found your blog! What a lovely ripple blanket! I'm just learning how to crochet. I've been a quilter for quite awhile and am excited to add to my crafty ways! Looking forward to following your blog.

  15. I love the finished blanket, gorgeous edging.

    Hope everyone is better now.