Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Trying out a wee design!!!!!!

I absolutely let my lovely pegbag go
to rack & ruin, a whole winter in the rain
& you can just imagine how its faring :(
Soggy, smelly, mouldy, pretty yuk actually soooooo
I made a new one. I think its original, I hope so....wouldn't 
like to think I've ripped off a design from someone else.
Anyway this is the first try

I'm imagining a whole range of dress type, skirts, jackets maybe even trousers as
cute pegbags. Will have to tweak the design a bit here & there
but all in all I think its kinda cute......

Will be trying out a few over the next few days & posting them so let me know what 
you think.
Well have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xx 


  1. I love your peg bag Karen..and I haven't seen another design like this...the colours are so pretty too...definitely one for your new ETSY shop...I found you yesterday...hope you have lots of fun..everything looks wonderful!
    Susan x

  2. I really like it Karen, it's one of a kind. And of course the ric rac is too cute!!!

  3. Very sweet indeed. And who wouldn't want to hang clothes if you had a pretty little clothespin holder like that! Best wishes to you, Tammy

  4. Love your peg bag Karen,so sweet.I've not seen anything like this before.hugs juliex

  5. How lovely, what a pretty design :)

  6. I love your peg bag. :)
    Anne xx

  7. That is the cutest peg bag ever! What a cool design love the fabric you've used too.

  8. Love the peg bag idea, Karen! It's a cute one and can be adapted in all sorts of ways.
    Have a happy crafty day!
    Helen x