Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Patchey Bag No 2

This got finished at last today

Forgive the bad color in the photos, it seems to be impossible to get good bright color strong pics at the minute. The rain is non stop so every thing is dull & grey, even with all my 
lights on the images still look ............?????
Anyhoo this one has been stuck in my fabric basket for months, half baked & today i finally 
got the finger out & finished it, one of many half baked WIPS in various stages of construction, in various places around my house.
So as part of my whole decluttering drive its time to tackle them....don't you think!!

Am altogether pleased with the finished bag, def going in my Etsy Shop which will at last be going up this week. I will take some clearer photos for that cause the colors are real nice in this bag.
That gorgeous button was part of a swap from last year, given to me my a very sweet lady over at 
SandiArt, one of my favorite blogs xxxx

Any advice on pricing would be greatly appreciated, from those who already have online shops,
I sure would be grateful :D

This morning despite all the rain (this is Ireland) I realised Spring is om the way.
Came downstairs at 7.00am for a big mug of coffee (much needed at that hour....yeah!!!)
& this was smiling at me from my kitchen window sill

You know my heart just skipped a beat....my very first daffodil
Ain't it a sweetie, i'm still smiling at it, that soft yellow prettiness.........I think i'm in love!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow another will have appeared, gives me an incentive to be up at the crack of dawn (not)!

Oh oh oh the poncho is on the final stretch, border, will show it to you tomorrow.
Its so cute....I want one :D
See you soon 
Lots of love Karen xxxxx


  1. She's not kidding about the de-cluttering drive. She rearranged my bedroom while I was in uni today! :O :) ...thanks Mommy :)


  2. Lovely bags, Karen, you are sooo good at making them! How pretty your daffodil looks, so bright and cheerful. I love it when I come down in the morning to find a flower (or two) has opened overnight! Have a great week, and hope the de cluttering keeps going well!
    Helen x

  3. It's a great feeling when you finish something and even better when you can pop it into your Etsy shop. Gorgeous daffodil and I can understand how much that would have cheered you up. It's bright, cheerful and suggests warmer, sunnier days ahead. Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  4. Good job knocking down one of your WIP's. The bag turned out great! Love it!