Friday, 20 January 2012

A big challenge

I just had to post this before I tuck in for the night.
Just before Christmas I completed my first cross stitch Here.
After browsing many stitching blogs & being so incredibly inspired I decided to really give it a go.
A few days ago i received a much awaited package from my friendly postie
Here have a peek.....

Tah dahhhhhhhh a cross stitch kit, oooooooohhhhhhhh isn't it just so lovely.
I adore samplers & have wanted one for as long as I can remember & since there was no one jumping to my rescue in this deep, deep need I thought hey why not just do one yourself.
Now iI know its a huge task, it really is, I nearly keeled over when I saw the size of the pattern, so I'm preparing myself for a long term project in this.
Wish me luck eh!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of love Karen xxxxx

ps do you like my new header, I've been messing around with headers so much lately, I think I'm satisfied with this one :D


  1. That is an absolutely beautiful sampler! Good luck.. it will be a wonderful family heirloom when it is finished! The new header is perfect... I need one myself, but never got round to it day eh? :)

  2. Your crosstitch is beautiful and you will have many happy hours completing this one. I have completed a few crosstitch in the past and though it takes hours of work and VERY careful counting, I'm always delighted how they look when finished.
    I love your new banner.
    Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne
      Hows the Tennis going, are you still there?????

  3. That's a lovely sampler :) I enjoy cross stitch too, although I haven't done any in a while....maybe it's time for me to dig out a few UFOs and get them finished!

    I've joined the Pretty Crafty Homes group too and am looking forward to seeing your creations :)

    Gem x

  4. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous!! I love cross stitch too but find that I need really good light to work under or my eyes become very tired. Hope you enjoy your long term project :)

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE your sampler, where did you get it?? I also want to do one this year (along with more crochet, learn to knit, make a patchwork quilt etc etc) - what a loabour of love it will be, but how beautiful when finished! Good luck! Jenny xx

  6. Lovely sampler, I haven't seen that one before. I have a big one on the go at the moment. Have fun with your new hobby!

  7. Hi Karen,I love samplers too,good luck with this one,it looks lovely. Your header looks fab,I've finally got a picture header after My daughter had a play around for me last night ;) hope your keeping well and have a happy weekend ,lol juliexxx

  8. This is so pretty Karen...I love the design and the colours are gorgeous...I will follow you with interest as I would love to have a try myself...I think it is always nice to have a longer project on the go...something you can dip into now and again,
    Hope you have a great weekend lovely!
    Susan x
    P.S Love the header!

  9. That is a lovely sampler. I think it is the same one I favorited months ago. It's a long time since I've done cross stitch and then only very small things. I think this sampler is so pretty. Can you tell us what it is? (so I don't have to trail through all my favourites!). Is it an Anchor one? I could be wrong there. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy stitching it. Samplers are my favourite kind of cross stitch!

  10. Such an exquisite craft, not something I can get my head round at all, something to do with the counting! This will be gorgeous when it's finished.
    Your header is beautiful all my favourite colours and my favourite flower. ♥

  11. LOVE the sampler! I would love to have this on my wall as well :)