Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ella's Poncho Tah Dahhhhhhh!!!!!

I loved making this...a sweet poncho for my sweet 
girl & she sure is pleased with herself.
For weeks she's been begging me to move her bedroom around. I've been reluctant as its quite a small room & hard to fit furniture in differant lay outs
but i gave it a go & it worked out just honky dory!!

So when my wee girlie got home from school she had a double surprise, new bedroom & new poncho.........
Doesn't she look mega chuffed with herself.

The poncho was done last night, I finished it with 
a round of shells
then a trim in pink, very simple but just right for this.
I still have a lot of yarn left over so now i have to find other wee projects to use it up.......
any ideas??????????????

Also I really wanted to post these photos of yesterday's bag, the colors show up 
so much better in these

So thats it for today, am making some real pretty cushions at the mo, will 
post over the next few days
They will be for the shop so I'm gonna get crackin on that

Hope you all have a great evening 
Lots of love Karen xxxx


  1. Ella looks so sweet in her poncho!! And I love the handbag!

  2. I love that poncho mommy its so cosy i love to wear it everyday
    Love your daughter Ella x

  3. Sooooo sweet!
    Ella looks too cute - such perfect colours for her!
    LOVE that bag, too.
    Have a great week.

  4. Love the poncho!!!
    I love doing surprises like that for my girls

  5. Love Ellas poncho,wish I could have crocheted when My lil girl was little,she would have loved one of these.Your bags are fantastic too,lol juliexxx

  6. It's just gorgeous and so is your wee girl! What a clever mum you are. Take care hon. L x

  7. Aww Karen, she looks adorable! And I love the bags too :)
    Jane x

  8. That's so pretty what a lucky little lady! I had a gorgeous poncho when I was a little girl........I adored it and wore it forever!