Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Using What I Have.......

You know that temptation to buy new fabric or new yarn :D
Well I'm fighting hard at the moment, not to give in to it, especially after 
a post I saw on  this blog, I was inspired to resist.
Scraps coming out of my ears, more bits of yarn than ever, soooo
"lets get using them up" otherwise the stash will build & build & will most 
deinitely take over my home.....scarey thought
Ok so here's what I'm up to...

Flower cushion.....of Attic 24.....crochet of course

A scrappy notebook holder.....

inspired by this one, not quite as decorative but pretty I think?????
Will do some more of these, lots more....
there's a lot of scraps!!!!!

And of course i just had to start another blanket, I gave the other one to 
a very special friend who needed some cheering up.

I'm in love with the colors, i absolutely love a soft palette

Good ol granny squares joining as i go......I really do not like the whole putting it all together at the end so this method suits me sooo much better :D
I'm happy, my hubbies happy (not spending) the house is happy...
Happy mums & dads keep the home running smoothly :D

I'm off to do some cross stitch ......slow project, will share some when it begins to
look like something :S
Hope you all have a sweet evening
Lots of love Karen xxxxxx

ps   if there are any good scrappy ideas out there I would love to know some???????


  1. I love your scrappy ideas. I did the same with the flower cushion but have ran out of wool and now I don't think I can find a cushion small enough for it. I am resisting the urge to buy more Rowan for it. Have you seen the continuous join as you go method? Look it up on Youtube. It's brilliant. I use it when I am joining in the same colour. If you cant find it let me know.

  2. what great projects, i love the notebook in particular

  3. Ooh yes I understand the temptation! You have plenty of gorgeous things to keep you busy and distracted though. I'm also a blanket lover. I have a huge queen size ripple going at the moment for my sister's wedding due in April so that is my motivation to not buy anything else because once it is in the house the temptation is just too distracting!! :)

  4. Love your blanket, such pretty colors. I have had to stop buying in more yarn, I really need to use up what I have (sooooo much yarn) The cushion looks like what we call Fairy floss, almost good enough to eat :) Your little patchwork is very sweet too.
    xx Sandi

  5. I give into temptation far too often when it comes to fabric and yarn. But I too am trying to use what I have rather than buy moreI The blog you linked to was very touching and a reminder to cherish those we have. I love your soft color pallet. Nice to meet you!

  6. Oh yes I know that temptation very well, though I often find I use the 'excuse' I need it for my work!! hehe. Loving the start of your flower cuhion and your new blanket, lovely pretty colours x

  7. Well done on being thrifty AND making such pretty things! Love all the crochet you're creating, such soft and pretty colours!
    Have a happy, cosy, thrifty week.
    Helen x

  8. The blanket is beautiful, I love the colours. I too have made a blooming flower cushion courtesy of Lucy, she's great, isn't she? I'm making a blanket at the moment which will have to be put together at the end, something I haven't done yet. Not really looking forward to it, sewing in the ends is bad enough! xxx

  9. I love how everything you make has that same wonderfully muted colors in it, it's gorgeous :)
    Have a great week!

  10. Hello Karen! I love your blog! So I’m passing on to your blog “The Versatile Blogger” Award if you wish it. Take a look here: http://olgasoleil.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award.html
    Have a nice day!
    Olga ☼

  11. Oh yes joining as you go is the best Karen, I'm with you on that one! Your crochet is beautiful well done. You are sooo busy, wish I was as productive!

    Helen xx

  12. I just love your calm, sweet pastels here!
    Such a cute flower cushion- Those layers of white with just a smidge of baby pink are just inspired!

  13. So many lovely posts to catch up on! Your quilt turned out absolutely wonderful. I love the fabric you used as the edging/binding. Your Valentine's Day post pulsed with the love you have for your home and family. Love the little hearts you made for each of your daughters! And good for you, resisting the urge to buy new yarn. That is my pledge to self this year... use up my scraps! haha. I am trying really hard. Hopefully we will both succeed in making a dent in our yarn stashes this year. ;-)

    Happy day to you, dear friend! So nice hearing from you!