Monday, 3 September 2012

Squeezing in some happy crafts

I'm a sad puppy when I can't craft 'a lot'.
I love to be making pretty things, crafty things, things that make me smile 
with satisfaction, all this roman blind making is
wrecking my peace!!!!!!
Not really, but I do miss being able to sew or crochet freely.
I have managed to squeeze in some bits though,
these bee blocks for instance

Enjoyed piecing these together for Agnes, lovely fabrics that
she sent made the job a pleasure.
Have also been able to do some more scrappy blocks

Love working on these, not my usual type of quilt but I feel it's like a whole new me!!!!
The freedom of just sewing scraps of cute color together.......
sheer joy!!!!

Am liking scrappiness :) 

On the hookey side.....I'm sooooo inspired by this Lady at Cocorose Diaries & the 
beautiful blanket in the post I've linked to.....

so I'm aiming for one, maybe two a day....five to six weeks 
to tah dah

More  loviness feelings, they remind me of Dahlias
One of my favorite flowers which by the way I never seem to be able to grow.
They die .......every single time I've planted a Dahlia...........
It DIED !!!!! What!!!!!
Still love em though

There's something soft & marshmallowy about them
Yes marshmallowy IS most definitely a word

A marshmallowy............... cup of hot choc Yummmmmm
Think I'll indulge.
 Am about to watch North & South (Patrick Swayze)
Its one of those indulging type series, so chocolate with pink marshmallows
& a slice of this.....Perfect!!!!

Want some ?????????
Whipped cream toooooooo.......
Can you tell I'm sick of calorie watching & exercise,
Just for one day 
Love you lots
Have a sweet evening
Karen xxxx


  1. I love your crochet blocks - so bright and colourful! And that blanket is going to be gorgeous!
    Maria x

  2. So much loveliness I don't know where to begin. I'm especially loving your scrap blocks and your crocheted blocks. Your indulgences are just my kind!!

  3. Hi Karen,I love your scrappy quilts,gorgeous and colourful.I'm hooked on making those 'something pretty' blocks too :) Saw them over at Niki (home birds) last week and have been hooked ever since!
    Have a sweet week ahead,love JulieXxx

  4. Karen...your quilt is looking so nice! I love quilts. Those granny squares are my favorite to but haven't had the time to make any's on my to do list. I think I have gain 10lbs just looking at all that yummmy stuff!

  5. What a lovely quilt, and your crochet is just like dahlias, beautiful! Ada :)

  6. I know what you mean when you don't have time to self grumpy pants go on!!! I love the 'marshmellowyness' of the squares, so soft and pretty colors too. Your scrappy quilt is lovely, however all your creations are lovely Karen.
    xox Sandi

  7. WOW!! The scrappy blocks are wonderful!! Marshmallowyness is definitely a word and describes your crochet squares perfectly!! I love North and South, but the Richard Armitage version :) I feel the same way about crafting! It's definitely something I have to do every day, even if it's for 10 minutes!! xoxo Debbie

  8. I am liking scrappiness too! Those squares are utterly gorgeous!! I had to laugh about your marshmallowy comment.... my wee girl told me this morning that she loved my outfit and when I asked her why she said "because you look like a marshmallow". It was because I was wearing a light pink cardi. Thank goodness she didn't say it was because I was round and squishy!

    Have a fab week hon. Best of luck with the blanket - it's a stunner isn't it. I've ooohed and aaahed over it since spying it too.


  9. Your scrappy quilt is looking wonderful and the eclectic mix of colours works really well...Ooh and such pretty crochet always manage to make me want to pick up a hook and have a go!
    North & South...that's an old one isn't it Karen?...I seem to remember it was really popular...have fun and I'll definitely take a slice with cream please!
    Susan x

  10. I love your quilt mom
    I love you the best in the whole wide world
    Love Ella xx

  11. Great definition Karen...they do indeed resemble marshmallows so spongy and the lovely pale misty colours...beautiful...and sweet like marshmallows perhaps it should be called The marshmallow blanket. I'm thinking thinking I am goign to start sewing scraps of fabric together even if it is hand sewing I have this itch to get sewing!!!

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. I love your scrappy quilt! And that crochet blanket is gonna be gorgeous. Dessert looks scrumptious. Hope your weekend is a good one. Tammy

  13. All of your work is so beautiful and very inspiring.