Monday, 1 October 2012

Cushion love

I've been wanting to post for a few days now, but had very little to show or to talk about. I feel like my life has been invaded by coral chiffon & nothing else is getting an audience. So over the weekend, specially yesterday, as I've been brewing a flu for a few days now, I sat on my wee bottom (its not small) & did some crochet. I love relaxing crochet.......when I can't muster up energy to do anything I can always crochet.

So i put my hook to some wips that have been lying around for a bit....quite a bit actually.......& some progress was made........cushions, unfinished as yet, but something to show & tell!!!!

A pretty blooming flower that I think I started at the start of the year, its gonna take pride of place on my bed, cause I think I should keep it all for meeeeee.....!!!!!!!
I've run out of white so its on hold again, unless I persuade Aidan to take a trip to the yarn shop tomorrow & purchase his ailing wife some pretty balls of wool.
This is a real popular design on blogland at the moment, I understand why......

Such a nice pattern to crochet, I believe the original is from Dottie Angel, such a lovely blog, actually I must put it in my sidebar. Next remember these........

Crochet mandalas inspired by Barbara s fab work. I've begun sewing a pretty gathered round cushion in Freshcut fabric, this mandala will take pride of place in the centre. Will get to finish it hopefully in the next few days, so stay tuned.....
Also am going to finish off my wee patchy cushion with another one 

I won't centre it as I also want to stitch on a heart outline in various pink buttons, def want to finish this soon & I think I may put both in my Etsy shop, which has been very neglected & in need of some fresh inspiration.

Well thats my lot, I'm gonna finish my lemsip now......wickedly yuckky stuff, but I find it much more tolerable dowsed with honey & sipped from a pretty mug

Have a lovely evening, put your feet up & relax. Stick on a fav movie, down some hot chocolate & enjoy.
Thanks for popping by & for all the sweet comments you leave, you're the best :)
Lots of love Karen xxxxxxxx 


  1. Karen I need a Lemsip and def the honey for my so sore throat! Love all the crochet here. Was going to ask for some advice on making the mandalas actually. Any tips on how to start? X

  2. Hi Karen, your blog is ver sweet! And so is your crocheting and quilting:) I am your new follower. Do visit me sometime :)

  3. Hi Karen. Lovely projects you have going on there. I love the cushion, and that you are keeping it for your own!! Love that pattern too, with the flowers in center of granny square. So nice.
    I hope you are feeling better soon. I too have a nasty head cold. Darn.....tis the season, I supppose!!!

  4. Hope you feel better soon, let's hope the lemsip does it's job and the honey too (brilliant stuff). Love the cushion, no wonder you don't want to part with it. x

  5. Get better soon! Love the combination of the crochet and fabrics! Ada :)

  6. I love seeing what you're making. Crochet is one of those crafts that is so comforting and easy to do when we are not feeling well. I do hope you are feeling better soon.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  7. Such pretty works you have to return to. I hope you are up and about soon.

  8. Lovely pretty pale colours, and good for you for doing something for yourself after all the sewing!
    Hope you're feeling better now Karen, and thanks for sharing such lovely inspirational pics and links!
    Gill xx

  9. Beautiful, scrumptious crochet and I love those pretty colours too!..I hope you're feeling much better soon Karen...there are all kinds of nasty bugs going around at the moment...I don't like Lemsips but have to admit they work..I go for the blackcurrant ones myself!
    Take care,
    Susan x
    P.S Good luck in the Giveaway!

  10. Hi gorgeous girl - I hope you're on the mend now. I am absolutely in love with all your beautiful crochet! You always make me feel so inspired when I visit.

    I must pop over to Dottie Angel and check out that pattern - I adore it and need to add it to my to-make list.

    I thought of you yesterday - I was working in a beautiful fabric shop and all I could think was - I wish I could sew better and quilt like my clever bloggy friend!!

    Have a fabulous weekend hon. We are kick starting our weekend with takeaways and a lazy evening. We're very excited that our local fish and chip shop has reopened after burning down over a year ago. I am mostly excited that I don't have to cook!!


  11. Such pretty pretty pictures!