Friday, 5 October 2012

Thats a Blooming Big Flower

I have a finish at last, a big flower cushion, all pink & white & fluffy & squishey :)

Its such a pretty pattern & well worth the effort, so a few peeks eh!!!!

Did a different border to the pattern, scalloped also, just smaller with a trim.
Know how I said I was keeping it, well one of my friends has a birthday today &..............its going to her.
Thank God for self makes saves a lot of shopping time & decision time.

Made some buttonholes & added three pretty buttons so the cover can be removed & washed if need be.
Well my friends thats it, one down some more to come........SOON!!!!!!!!
Hope you all have the best weekend ever
Lots of love & thanks for popping in to see me 


  1. I ran out and bought the pattern to this cushion a while back. I now have the top done and need to start the back. It may just get a fabric back. Thank you for the button idea I may just button the whole thing on. Yours is so soft and pretty. Mine is bright, red, yellow and lime green. I made it for my old camp trailer. I love the squishey!!!

  2. Gorgeous cushion Karen. I ran out of my Rowan that I was using on mine and don't know what to do now :(. Will maybe need to have another go at a different one. PS my observation went better than I could have hoped for so thanks for your thoughts and prayers. xx

  3. Your cushion is so pretty Karen...I can just see one of these on my bed..but I shall just have to dream for the moment!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  4. Your big blooming squishy flower is beautiful! What a perfect gift! Hope your day is lovely. Tammy

  5. It came out so pretty as I knew it would....Perfect colors! Shari

  6. What a lovely gift your big blooming flower cushion will make!! Your friend will be delighted :)
    Have a happy week, Karen.
    Helen x

  7. That is just soooooo gorgeous!! I love it so much.

    Hope you're having a great week hon - see you again soon.

  8. Even from here I can tell there is Excellent Squish Factor.

  9. Very clever use of buttons on your beautiful pillow! Your friend is going to love it!