Friday, 12 October 2012


At last, at long last I have finished those dresses, Carina took them away literally ten minutes ago.
Now I so do not want to go to the wedding cause I know I'll just sit & pick at my work all day, I'll be miserable, sounds dreadful.....but I just know I will.
Oh Lord give me a peaceful mind that day so I can be Happy & enjoy the whole wonderful event just like a normal person.
Is anyone else like that out there...........................??????????????????

Anyhoo I've finished yet another cushion, good grief can this woman make anything else?????
Seriously these were such a welcome & simple distraction from coral colored dresses, so please help me out here & indulge me while I show you the latest are dreadful......bad light & all that :(

Did a white back, followed the lovely bobble pattern then changed to shells to square it, I love the bobbles, don't think I've finished with these.

A row of bobbles close to the edge & buttons to finish the opening

I added a wee flap inside to finish the opening nicely, so the cushion pad isn't showing & to sew the buttons onto, def looks better. I think I'll be putting this in the shop, have to decide on price etc & take some pics in better light so  you can get a better image of the colors.

Also at our church thrift shop I picked up a few nice bits

Ain't she pretty, got two of them for E3 each, one with & one without a lampshade, not that its a keeper 
So after a lick of Annie Sloan paint & a new shade for E6 here she of them anyway

Got this pretty lil clock also, now it was a yuk brown but a touch of paint & viola

The mechanics are shot but I like it for its prettiness, who cares about the time anyway!!!!!!!!!!!
So that's me for another evening, I'm shattered tired & am so longing for this weekend, feet up, nice food, friends & family & maybe some handsewing....I'm thinking hexagons :)

Hope you all have the best weekend, thank you for popping in & for your sweet comments
Lots of love Karen

ps Thank you Sue for the award, will post it in the next few days xxxxx


  1. Hi Karen, you should go to the wedding anyway, I am sure they are going to look just lovely, your work is always so pretty! Really loving the clock you found....looks shabby chic! Shari

  2. I have stop doing weddings for the exact reason. I pick it apart and want to hide sometimes. Right now I am altering a bridesmaid dress(should have said no)! Can you believe the gal just wants it hemmed about here. Doesn't have a clue as to what shoes she is buying. Does she think the dress will miraculously be the correct length?

    Love, love the new cushion!!!!

  3. Love the cushion! I want to see the coral dresses.

  4. Örgü ve dikişler harika sizi tebrik ediyorum artık takipteyim görüşmek üzere mutlu hafta sonu diliyorum sevgiler.

  5. Yes, I'm the same! Pick at everything I make, yet think everyone else's makes are great! The dresses will be fab! Just enjoy the day! (however I know this will be easier said than done!!!) Ada :)

  6. I Love the cushion, where can I get the pattern for thouse bubble in the round?
    Edda Soffia

  7. Hi Karen,I'm sure the dresses will be fabulous,everything you make is! I LOVE your latest cushion,I'm loving doing this pattern and am addicted! Blanket next! have a fab weekend,love julieXxxx

  8. I had to smile at the fugly clock you prettied up....I have the original on my mantelpiece at the moment (and it works lol) it came from the local 'cheap and nasty' high st jewellers. I like to buy brown furniture and paint it too, it is so satisfying.
    I love your cushions and I too like the colours of that particular yarn, tho I have to online order it so it is a case of hope for the best when choosing colours.
    Also look forward to 'metime' crochet when the 'gift crochet' deadlines are done.
    Susan x

  9. Well done on finishing those dresses! Your new cushion is gorgeous, I love the photos of it too. And I loved all the prettied up finds lovely they look now!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Karen.
    Helen x

  10. You must be so relieved to have the dresses finished Karen...I am sure they will be so beautiful....You must have a wonderful day and enjoy the praise that will surely be heaped upon you!
    Your crochet cushion is so pretty...I just love it and your revamps are lovely too!
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x